Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Noting that the burgeoning underworld of stoner, doom, and heavy rock bands were under-served by the current distribution system, Racer and Pope--the head honchos of the hard-rocking Label, Ripple Music-- decided that something had to be done.  So, they put together a distribution service benefiting from their years of experience with Ripple Music. And Heavy Ripples Distro was born.

Ever since the dawn of the music industry, and especially since the recent boom in vinyl popularity, fans of physical merchandise all over the world have had one major setback: shipping costs.

Ripples Distribution is a revolutionary idea: an entirely not-for-profit, web-based store that aims to do one thing: centralize merchandise like vinyl records, tshirts, CDs, 7”s, magazines and more in one place so that fans all over the world can order them directly and avoid high shipping fees. More importantly, Heavy Ripples aims to uphold the long-standing DIY ethic that makes the new genre of heavy rock music so great.

HOW IT WORKS: Heavy Ripples teams up with labels and individual bands to bring in a handful of each individual merch item into the store, which is powered by Bigcartel. Every time an item is purchased, Heavy Ripples immediately sends ALL of the money to the band or label, and only keeps a couple of dollars to pay for shipping and website fees.

We invite labels, bands, magazines, and anyone interested in supporting underground heavy music from all over the world to join in making positive waves in the world of Heavy Ripples!

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