Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MOTHERSHIP launch Indiegogo campaign to fund their second record and European tour!

Ever wanted to have a skype jam session with Mothership? A performance in your back yard? An original drum skin?
Then this is your chance!

Texas-born rock-and-roll brothers MOTHERSHIP are preparing to record their second record, Mothership II,
which will be released on Ripple Music (on CD, DD and LP), AND they're also about to head out on their first-ever, two-week European tour with WO FAT, which will span across Switzerland, Germany, France, and Spain. The band is also confirmed to make their festival debut at Freak Valley Festival in Netphen, Germany. But they need your help! The goal is to raise $10,000 in 40 days to cover recording and transportation, and there are prizes and perks involved for those who donate, including the finished record.

Check out the following message from the band:

Mothership New Album & European Tour Indiegogo Fundraiser

To donate to Mothership's indiegogo campaign and become a
crucial part of their second record and European tour, click HERE:



The minimum amount of $10,000 will help pay for:
• 40 - 45 hours of recording sessions at Crystal Clear Studios in Dallas, TX
• Mixing
• Mastering
• Airfare and baggage fees to and from Europe
• Van and driver fees in Europe
• Merchandise fees in Europe
• Promotion and publicity
• Album artwork design


Friday, February 14, 2014

Want a Private Skype Jam Session with Mothership? Jump onto the ship and help them at Ingiegogo.com

News from the Ship!! Want a skype jam session with the band? A performance in your back yard? An original drum skin? Check it out!

"Mothership has officially launched our Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to record our brand new album and our first tour of Europe! 

We ask you to please visit our page for more information regarding the campaign, and to re-post this link or share directly amongst your friends and family. Be the first to receive the new album on CD, vinyl, and limited edition splattered color vinyl by pledging today. 

Join the ranks. Score some loot. 

Rock and roll. Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll 



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ripple Music to re-release Poobah's "U.S.Rock" album in February 2014: Limited Edition already available now!

Legendary heavy psych masters Poobah have just recently announced that Ripple Music will be re-releasing their 1976 album "U.S. Rock" in February, officially set to hit the UK stores on February 10th and in Europe on February 14th of 2014. But to celebrate the upcoming re-issue of "U.S. Rock" in advance, Ripple Music is now offering an exclusive Limited edition blue splatter vinyl package which includes the fully remastered LP with an 11 x 17 poster and download card, and also the CD version of the release, which features 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks! The blue splatter edition is a limited press run of 100 units.

You want to be the first to get hold of Poobah's re-issued and hotly anticipated Seventies rock jewel before the rest of the world? Then this is your chance, the advanced Limited edition of Poobah's "U.S.Rock" is available on Ripple Music now:

"U.S. Rock" is the second release from the mighty Poobah (originally released in 1976) and the also the second to be re-issued by Ripple Music. The album features ten tracks in the original running order, remastered by T. Dallas Reed at HeavyHead Studios. This is the first time that this album has seen the light of day in almost forty years and the CD edition features four bonus tracks, including a blistering live rendition of “Steamroller”. Jim Gustafson, the Grand Poobah himself, delivers a resounding set of six string heroics that should have seen him sitting alongside the greats of the time, and shows why he is the Wizard of Heavy Psyche!

For Fans of Led Zeppelin, Cream, Foghat, Deep Purple, Cactus, Leaf Hound, Uriah Heep, Blue Oyster Cult!

Track List: 1. Flesh Fantasies
2. Pullin' Me Down
3. Watch Me
4. Coast To Coast
5. Let's Rock
6. Thru These Eyes
7. Crazy
8. Keep On Rollin'
9. Right Out Of The Night
10. Out Of You
*Bonus tracks on CD*:
1. Your Way, My Way
2. Cold Blooded Lover
3. Enjoy What You Have (Alternate Mix)
4. Steamroller (Live)

Poobah is:
Jim Gustafson- Lead Vocals/guitar/songwriter
Lori Powers- Percussion/vocals
Eric Wright- Bass
Mike Fortino- Drums /backing vocals


"U.S.Rock" by Poobah - re-released on Ripple Music - will be officially coming out in the UK on February 10th & in Europe on February 14th of 2014!


Noting that the burgeoning underworld of stoner, doom, and heavy rock bands were under-served by the current distribution system, Racer and Pope--the head honchos of the hard-rocking Label, Ripple Music-- decided that something had to be done.  So, they put together a distribution service benefiting from their years of experience with Ripple Music. And Heavy Ripples Distro was born.

Ever since the dawn of the music industry, and especially since the recent boom in vinyl popularity, fans of physical merchandise all over the world have had one major setback: shipping costs.

Ripples Distribution is a revolutionary idea: an entirely not-for-profit, web-based store that aims to do one thing: centralize merchandise like vinyl records, tshirts, CDs, 7”s, magazines and more in one place so that fans all over the world can order them directly and avoid high shipping fees. More importantly, Heavy Ripples aims to uphold the long-standing DIY ethic that makes the new genre of heavy rock music so great.

HOW IT WORKS: Heavy Ripples teams up with labels and individual bands to bring in a handful of each individual merch item into the store, which is powered by Bigcartel. Every time an item is purchased, Heavy Ripples immediately sends ALL of the money to the band or label, and only keeps a couple of dollars to pay for shipping and website fees.

We invite labels, bands, magazines, and anyone interested in supporting underground heavy music from all over the world to join in making positive waves in the world of Heavy Ripples!

Heavy Ripples Links:

Ripple Music Links:

VOLUME IV To Release Long In The Tooth Album In March Via Ripple Music

Atlanta’s VOLUME IV, featuring Joe Carpenter of NIHILIST, have just announced the release of their Ripple Music debut album, Long In The Tooth, which will be coming out in North America on March 11th, and is scheduled to hit the European stores on March 14th.

With equal parts elegant beauty and steamrolling aggression, Volume IV serve up a piece of ear candy for the ages with Long In The Tooth. This first release with Ripple Music is a concise, 36-minute thrill ride of swampy metal heroics, featuring heavy grooves, classic bluesy stoner riffs, and an overall impending sense of doom. These boys bring back the old school attitude of musical sensibility, working hard to master your instrument, and taking pride in creating a wide pallet of musical styles: Thunderous drumming locked tight within the pocket, bass guitar providing a dense foundation for the thick guitar and gritty yet melodic vocals that lay on top. In a world where everything is mechanized, click-tracked and auto-tuned, Volume IV does it the only way, the honest way, straight from the gut, which is what we need to make music human again and separate the men from the boys.

Long In The Tooth tracklisting:

'Looking Low For A High'
'Utero/Long In The Tooth'
'Save Your Servant'
'Awake The Dreamer'
'Save Your Prayers'
'Locust Have No King'

Volume IV is:

Joe Carpenter – Guitars/Vocals
Troy King – Drums
Blake Parris – Bass