Ripple Life

Just a glimpse back at our musical past. Pope's first band, Blind Justice. Thrash, punk, avant-metal mayhem.

Hanging out with Dave Sherman of Weed is Weed (legendary member of Spirit Caravan and Earthride) discussing all things music.  At Heavyfest in Dallas

Modern Day Moonshine jamming in the backyard of Ripple North over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Would you buy music from this man?  John, so hard at work during breakfast, he can't even be bothered to take the bacon out of his mouth before he answers an email.  That's Ripple dedication!

Future Ripple Band, Grand Atlantic, tearing it up at SXSW . . . faster than the eye can see.  Look for a sparkling new, colored split 7" coming with Grand Atlantic and Sky Parade!!

Coffee Ripple style!  Rock and roll latte anarchy!

John, The Pope, in a heated discussion at the Ripple Office with El Conquistador, the joint-smoking rubber chicken.  Would you buy LP's from this man?

Contract-signing smiles with Modern Day Moonshine.

John and Todd getting their metal ukeleles on!

Our diligent original web maestro, Bob Vinyl.  Working his butt off to get the website ready to go live!