Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Legendary Acid Rockers, JPT Scare Band, Drop Hard Rocking New Single and Video “Long Day” to Celebrate National 420 Day. Exclusive World Premiere on The Obelisk

After more than 3 solid months of Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden, holding down a top 5 spot in CD Baby.com’s Extended Jam Category, legendary acid rockers, JPT Scare Band come roaring back with a blitzing assault on their newest single, “Long Day.”  Featuring the sizzling guitar work of Terry Swope, “Long Day,” tears through more than 7 minutes of searing guitar leads, massive bass riffs, and mammoth drum jamming, all in the definitive JPT Scare Band style.

To make things even more appropriate, JPT Scare Band and Ripple Music will release the single and world-premiere of the psychedelic video on April 20, 2011, National Weed Day.  The term 420 originated from a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in California in 1971. The teens met after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke out at the Louis Pasteur statue.  Since then, the date has become legendary in the Stoner Rock community.  An ethos JPT Scare Band embraces whole heartedly.

After years of plying their frenzied, hard-rocking, acid blues trade in near obscurity, the love and accolades keep pouring in for JPT Scare BandClassic Rock Magazine honored JPT by including their last single “Not My Fault” on their November cover-mounted CD.   After previously naming JPT Scare Band one of the “lost pioneers of heavy metal,” Classic Rock continued the love fest proclaiming that “JPT Scare Band plied a terrifying form of ear-bludgeoning hard rock that was so far ahead of its time, people are still trying to catch up.”

The world premiere of the hard-rocking, definitively heavy psych video for “Long Day,” will make its debut April 20th exclusively at The Obelisk, one of stoner rock’s premiere websites and the home of The Obelisk Forum, a watering hole for thousands of fans of hard, heavy, stoner and doom rock.  You can find the video here: The Obeliskhttp://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2011/04/19/jptvid/

 “Long Day” will be available as a digital single from CD Baby and all fine digital music emporiums.   Meanwhile, Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden is still available in limited quantities from Ripple Music in two-toned, gatefold, double-LP with two bonus tracks, Deluxe digipack CD, or digital at www.ripple-music.com

Go here to check out the world premiere video.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

RSD Means Ripple Store Day – Special Discounts for Record Store Day Weekend

After exploding onto the scene June of last year, Ripple Music continues its path as one of the fastest growing Independent Record Labels in America.

Following a year that saw the signing and releasing of new and vintage material from Stone Axe, Poobah, JPT Scare Band, Fen, Modern Day Moonshine, Mighty High, Grand Atlantic, Sky Parade, and Kevin Beadles, Ripple Music followed up by adding such bands as Mos Generator, Iron Claw, Grifter, and Tripdavon to their roster, and joining with Small Stone Records to release new material from Sun Gods in Exile.  And special projects are in the works for more Poobah, Stone Axe, JPT Scare Band, and special releases from this years Fuzzapalooza.

Now, Ripple Music will celebrate Records Store Day with their own Ripple Store Day.  As a thank you to their fans and supporters who’ve allowed Ripple to unleash all this musical mayhem onto the world, Ripple will be applying special 15% discounts on everything ordered from the Ripple Store from April 15 to April 17th.

And when Ripple Music says “discount on everything” they mean everthing, including special collectors packages of Stone Axe I deluxe CD/DVD, vinyl and 7” single,  the new Heavy Ripples double 7” package, and the best-selling Poobah “Let Me In” double 12” LP.  In the store, you can also find classic non-Ripple albums from Ripple artists Stone Axe, Mos Generator, and JPT Scare Band.  All of which will get the additional RSD discount.

It’s all just Ripple’s way of saying thank you for allowing them to keep doing what they love, bringing the best music your way and putting the guts back into rock and roll!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ripple News - Modern Day Moonshine Featured on KPIG’s Fresh Pork Chops Radio Show

It’s been quite the journey for Modern Day Moonshine over the past 6 months. Since releasing their third full-length album, Refuge, in November, the band has charted on various regional radio stations, placed on the Americana Music Association charts, were tapped to open for national touring act Brian Jordan in San Francisco, have been invited to perform a showcase for an advertising firm in the Bay Area, and now have become the featured act for this week’s Fresh Pork Chops radio program on KPIG-FM 107.5 in Santa Cruz.

During a massive AAA radio campaign that has highlighted tracks “Don’t Waste” and “Unsung” from the bands’ Refuge album, KPIG gravitated toward the album so much that for the next week at 7:00pm PST, the radio station will be airing tracks from the album.

Meanwhile, Modern Day Moonshine is working feverishly to hit the road to bring the album live to fans across the country! For those who can’t wait for more Modern Day Moonshine, join the bands Bootleggers Club and get the opportunity to hear unreleased, demos, brand new, and live tracks from their immense vault of material!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fantastic review of Heavy Ripples over at The Klepto's Guide.

Pre-orders are available now and the gorgeous double-7" arrives in our hands this month!