Monday, December 2, 2013

Trucker Diablo Release New Charity Christmas Song!

Heard someone yesterday complain that there were no rocking Christmas songs. Trucker Diablo took the challenge seriously.

Here's their original kick-ass Christmas song and all proceeds from digital downloads go to benefit Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children which cares for sick children with a range of illnesses. A cause near and dear to the band. So help a good cause, and rock out this holiday. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's the Hot New Place to Get The Best Music From the Heavy Underground? Ripple Music Unveils HeavyRipples Distribution - Psych, Stoner, Doom and More.

North America's Exclusive Distributor for Vincerebus Eruptum - the voice of the underground.
Five years in the making, Ripple Music is proud to announce the creation of Heavy Ripples Distro (, the best new source to find LP's, CD's, 7"'s, Tee's, Magazines, and more from some of the most esteemed bands in the heavy underground.

Noting that the burgeoning underworld of bands pumping out stoner, doom, heavy psych and metal mania were horribly under-served by today's current distribution system, Racer and Pope--the head honchos of the hard-rocking Label, Ripple Music-- decided that something had to be done.  Knowing that there were tons of excellent heavy bands that couldn't get widespread distribution because they weren't "hot enough" for some of the current heavy distributors, or not signed to a big enough label, Racer and Pope decided to put together a Distro that could benefit from the years of experience and channels they'd gained with Ripple Music.
And Heavy Ripples Distro was born.

Featuring heavy bands from North America, Europe, Australia, South America and beyond, HeavyRipples doesn't discriminate against bands who may not move 100 copies or are self-produced and totally D.I.Y.  The only criteria for HeavyRipples is that the bands rock- pure, unadulterated riff-mad heaviness.  Utilizing a "bare minimum" fee strategy, Heavy Ripples Distro offers bands the opportunity to have their music distributed world-wide with the lowest possible fees, allowing the bands to recoup the greatest return on their music while getting maximum exposure and the opportunity to offer thei music to heavy rock fans at the best prices on the web. It's an entirely new model for heavy music distribution and one HeavyRipples Distro hopes can maximize the viral spread of the heavy rock. 

Recognizing the dedication Heavy Ripples Distro has to the underground scene, some of the leading Labels in heavy rock jumped at the chance to join in, with Labels like Cosmic Artifactz, Buried by Time and Dust, PsychDoomelic, and Ozium Records all offering the best of their heaviness.

And there's more.  HeavyRipples Distro is now the exclusive North American Distributor of Vincerebus Eruptum (, the world's leading magazine devoted to the stoner, doom, and heavy psych rock scene.  Produced in Italy, Vincerebus Eruptum brings interviews, features, news, and reviews of such heavy legends as Colour Haze, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Orchid, Kadavar, Witchraft, and more.  All in a slick, full-color format and for only $7 per issue.

Check out Heavy Ripples Distro, the web's leading site for the sounds of the true heavy rock underground -
For inquiries and band submissions, contact Racer at

And find all the heaviness and daily deals at:
@heavyripples /twitter

Friday, July 26, 2013

THE FUZZ DRIVERS Signs Worldwide Deal With Ripple Music

RIPPLE MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of acclaimed, hard-hitting Portugese retro-heavy rockers, The FUZZ DRIVERS to their ever-expanding roster!

Southern Rock from a Portuguese rock band? That would be CORRECT! The Fuzz Drivers are a blasting new sound formed in Lisbon, who are claiming fast fame in Portugal. The talents of Marcelo Vieira (vocals), Sergio "Mad Mag" (guitar), João Lopes (bass) and Duarte Carvalho (drums) packed a powerhouse of sound into their self-titled debut album, and now the band plans to do the same with Ripple Music.

Influences from music of the past four decades rages to the forefront of The Fuzz Drivers sound creating a definite Southern Rock vibe that is then blended through the hard rock cannon of Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin. Plowing the same massively heavy fields of 70's/80's classic hard rock that fueled their self-titled debut, The Fuzz Drivers aim to build upon the crushing success of that first release and take their rocking brand of heaviness to a new level with their Ripple Music debut which will be released world-wide in 2014. The band plans to follow up with a full-scale European tour and hit all the major heavy rock festivals.

Fuzz Drivers commented yesterday upon the new alliance; "Joining the Ripple Music family opens up a whole new exciting chapter for The Fuzz Drivers. Not only we are deeply honoured and humbled to join a roster of amazing bands, but we are thrilled to work with a label with people who love Heavy Rock and pour their hearts into what they do in a way that is rarely seen these days! With all that energy, love and rock'n'roll combined, we know that amazing things are bound to happen!"

For the growing legions of Ripple fans, known as the Waveriders, The Fuzz Drivers will be another must-hear addition to the ranks of bands that already include such heavy rockers as Mos Generator, Devil to Pay, Mothership, Trucker Diablo and Ape Machine. You can bet that the combination of The Fuzz Drivers and Ripple Music will be a combustible mixture!

Read a full review of The Fuzz Drivers' debut album at this location

In September, The Fuzz Drivers will hit the road with King Lizard and The Scams. Dates are as follows:

September 11th - UK - Grimsby, Yardbirds
September 12th - SCO - Edinburgh, Bannerman's
September 13th - UK - Bradford, Gasworks
September 14th - UK - Southampton, ROXX
September 15th - UK - London, The Underworld
September 16th - B - Tongeren, Club Sodom
September 18th - GER - Hamburg, Rock Café St. Pauli
September 19th - GER - Cologne, MTC
September 20th - GER - Hamminkeln, KuBa 

"Rock and roll, that's what it's all about on this excellent debut album from Portuguese band The Fuzz Drivers - old-school, rollicking, joyfully played rock n' roll that isn't trying for over-processed, sterile perfection, but rather wants to rock your heart, and rock your soul, and rock your body, and make you feel something (maybe even think something). The Fuzz Drivers succeed on all counts." - Hard Rock Nights

"When Danny Vaughn introduces you to a band, you stand up and take notice. The Fuzz Drivers are a Portuguese based band with an undying love for old school rock n' roll. Think Rival Sons meets The Burning Crows. The album is a blistering success that will get you in the mood for the summer sun as well as the mud soaked fields of the UK festival circuit"- Phil Weller & Edward Laing, Rock Fusion

"Rock and Roll will never die! That is what I think when I hear a band like The Fuzz Drivers for the first time. Classic rock has inspired bands all over the globe, and The Fuzz Drivers are dishing out the best 70s style rock and roll I have ever heard from Portugal."  - Hard Rock Hideout

"Welcome to The Fuzz Drivers. They mean business ladies and gentlemen. This debut album proves that these guys could blow some minds." - Rockulus Maximus

The Fuzz Drivers are:

Marcelo (vocals)
Duarte (drums)
João (bass)
Sérgio (guitar)


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prog-Rockers Fen Unveil Shocking New Video for "The Glove" Latest Video from the Acclaimed Ripple Music Album, Of Losing Interest

The ending will surprise and shock you. 

The video may even have you talking and sharing.

Following on the heels of their groundbreaking marionette video for "Miracle" off the Trails out of Gloom album, Vancouver progressive rockers FEN are now set to release the latest video for "The Glove" from their fifth and latest album Of Losing Interest.    

About the video, main Fen man Doug Harrison says, "I came up with the video idea based on an experience in a public men's room where a guy came out of the stall and wanted my help in putting a white, woolen glove on his hand, which appeared to have something wrong with it. I didn't know if it was a genuine request for help or a trick to get me in a vulnerable position. After I wrote the script, I showed it to the other guys in Fen but no one wanted to be in the video. I also showed it to the guys at our label Ripple Music to see if they would do it. They were apprehensive as well. The two main actors ended up being friends of friends,  guys who didn't mind tussling around in a public washroom on camera while patrons from the ice rink came in to do their business."  

See the video below, and also catch "Miracle"

"The Glove" - Video Link

"Miracle" - Video Link

FEN's heaviest and most technical album to date, Of Losing Interest revisits the band's harder edged metallic past while retaining the melodic sensibilities that made Trails Out of Gloom so alluring. Co-Produced by Mike Southworth, his fourth with the band, Of Losing Interest is a contrast of technical virtuosity layered against warm, low-end organics.

In January of 1998, in the mountain shadows of Nelson, British Columbia, a creatorship emerged called Fen. The road has been long for this dark-leaning band, which after more than a decade of obscurity, was finally ushered into the prog and metal fan's psyche. This occurred in 2010, when Fen signed to California label Ripple music and released their fourth album Trails Out Of Gloom. The album garnered impressive reviews from bloggers and print magazines worldwide, including mention in the UK's Classic Rock magazine and a perfect 16/16 score from the US authority on prog: Progressions Magazine. To follow up this attention, in May of 2011, the management of UK/Israeli prog veterans Blackfield invited Fen to open for them on the Vancouver stop of their North American tour.

To date, Fen's music has sold in more than fifteen countries, and with the help of dedicated bloggers, two AAA-radio campaigns, and a music video for the single "Miracle," the band's following continues to expand. In surprising contrast to the dark nature of Fen's music, their songs have been placed on HGTV (Home and Garden Television) and Animal Planet's, From Underdog to Wonderdog, among others. The song "Through the Night" will soon be available on the video game RockBand.

Fen has performed at clubs and festivals throughout BC, and in the summer of 2011, took part in the Forest Symphony at UBC's Pacific Spirit Park. Fen's fifth album, Of Losing Interest, will be available in August 2012, and is a return to the heavier aspects of the bands sound. It is their second release under the Ripple Music label, and it brings together a band line up first assembled in 1999.

RIYL - Tool, Coheed & Cambria, A Perfect Circle, Megadeth, 3, Incubus, Porcupine Tree

"These Canadians are a talented bunch, with their influences ranging from Tool, Porcupine Tree and a smidgeon of 70s-era prog. The result is a nifty mingle that's highly inventive and replete with enough catchy hooks clamouring for more. FEN are technically gifted without ever overplaying. On the heavier tracks here, such as 'Nice For Three Days' and 'Of Losing Interest', they demonstrate a flair for being imaginative while retaining a purpose, something so new, wannabe prog metal bands seem to lack." - Classic Rock Magazine

"10/10" - Steve Coughlin, Power of Metal

"Now they are back with a stunning new album titled 'Of losing interest', which musically goes into a very high quality Progressive Rock/Metal direction. It is especially thanks to the superb vocalwork of singer DOUG HARRISON that FEN's music is lifted way above other bands in this extensive genre called Prog. 8.6/10 "  -  Strutter 'zine

"FEN - "Of Losing Interest" ('12) - Once again, Ripple music strikes! This is the latest from progressive metal Canadians FEN & it's a scorcher.. With a decidedly heavier flavor than their last offering, this one bursts forth with nods to Rush, Altered Moves Two (anybody remember them?!) & more, with lead guitar that holds its own with the likes of shermann & denner. This is friggin' GOOOOD, maaan!"  - Ray's Realm

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Earthen Grave Set to Storm the Stage, Headlining Metroplex HeavyFest

Earthen Grave Set to Storm the Stage, Headlining Metroplex HeavyFest 
Ripple Music's newest band, Chicago doom-metallers EARTHEN GRAVE are set to blow away the masses in Dallas at the upcoming Metroplex Heavyfest II festival. 

Held at the Boiler Room, a club owned by Drowning Pool drummer, Mike Luce, the Metroplex Heavyfest II will terrorize Dallas/Ft. Worth area with 11 bands of sheer heaviness over two nights, starting Friday, July 19, 2013.  And set to take the stage as the main headliner onSaturday, July 20th, following the "just-released"  debut album for Ripple Music, is EARTHEN GRAVE.

Metroplex Heavyfest II schedule:  

 Friday, July 19th:

8:00 Big Sandy Gilmer
9:15 Muthalod
10:30 Orthodox Fuzz
11:45 Wo Fat
12:00 Enormicon
Saturday, July 20th:
7:00 Luther Bleu
8:00 Cosmic Trigger
9:00 Bad Grass (NOLA)
10:00 Hellgoat
11:00 Earthen Grave (Full Band)
12:30 Las Cruces (San Antonio)  


EARTHEN GRAVE's self-titled debut finds the band unleashing a terror of groove-laden, classic metal and doom. Twin guitar harmonies sear through the riff-fest of pure darkness and post-Sabbath heaviness. "death is another word...." the first single off the album,  is one of several bonus tracks exclusive to the Ripple Music re-release of the fully remastered EARTHEN GRAVE debut, appearing on both the CD and double-LP versions of the album.
Following a triumphant appearance at the Days of the Doomed III Festival, Earthen Grave and Ripple Music team up to let loose the doom/metal beast on July 9th through Nail Distribution, Code 7, Clearspot, and the Ripple Music Store.

"death is another word..." is available as a digital download at

The Earthen Grave re-release is available on vinyl and CD at


July 20th @ The Boiler Room - Dallas, TX **
Heavy Fest II (Event Page)

August 10th @ Mayne Stage - Chicago, IL **
Record Release Party w/ Devil To Pay & Divinity Compromised (Event Page)

October 12th @ 3 Kings Tavern - Denver, CO 
Denver Doom Fest III (

** - EARTHEN GRAVE featuring Rachael Barton Pine

EARTHEN GRAVE's Ron Holzner is available for interviews regarding EARTHEN GRAVE, TROUBLE and THE SKULL. Those interested should contact for inquires.

Formed in 2008, EARTHEN GRAVE is a five-piece Chicago metal band that marries the sounds of metal past and future with a sweaty, pummeling live show. EARTHEN GRAVE boasts an undeniable collective metal and musical pedigree. Each member is an accomplished musician and a veteran of the metal scene, including Ron Holzner who was a member of the seminal and seismic doom pioneers TROUBLE - a band widely regarded as one of the most important unsung American metal bands of all time. In addition, EARTHEN GRAVE has that "extra something special" with occasional guest 6th member live and boasting a Full collaboration on the new release with Rachel Barton Pine. Rachel, a world-renowned classical violinist brings her frightening classical chops to a relatively new instrument, the Viper.

Originally released in 2012, EARTHEN GRAVE's self-titled debut features 10 tracks of blistering Doom and Metal that left the critics grasping for superlatives. Terrorizer Magazine hailed "... EARTHEN GRAVE sounds old school without being retro, managing to go through every element on which lesser bands usually fail with exquisite grace and solemn subtlety..." Now to be reissued through Ripple Music, the new edition of the album, produced by Ron Holzner, has been completely remastered with four bonus tracks including the new song, "death is another word...." with new drummer Chris Wozniak (LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR). 

"...they take the Black Sabbath/Pentagram/Witchfinder General formula to another level by adding in Pine's lovely violin work, which gives these crushing songs an almost Kansas-ish feel to them in spots. 4/5" - Sea of Tranquility

"...the integrity and honesty of the musical endeavour shines through, making this a thought-provoking, melancholic metal creation with some real magic..." - Zero Tolerance

"...a modern doom metal classic that will live beyond a mere best-of-the-year bestowing. 4.5/5" - Metal Underground

TRUCKER DIABLO Announces Summer Festival Dates

Ireland's dirty rock n' rollers TruckerDiablo are ready to storm the stages of countless festivals this summer, giving their ever-growing legions of fans many chances to come out, rock out and party with the boys. And you'll never guess who they're sharing the stage with.
Glascowbury, happening Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of July in Eagle Rock Valley, Draperstown, finds the boys rocking with such notables as The Answer, The Japanese Popstars, and And So I Watch You From Afar.  Later, Planet Rock's Steelhouse Festival brings the Irish rockers on to the stage with metal legends Saxon and Michael Schenker, as well as Magnum, FM and Anvil.

The Welsh Steelhouse Festival has earned a reputation as one of the must-see events of the summer Festival circuit, and Trucker Diablo is thrilled to share the stage with so many of their heroes.  Smaller in size than some of the more massive festivals, fans and critics rave over the Festival as one of the best Hard Rock shows of the year. "A different flavour to other rock festivals, Steelhouse is up there - literally - with the best. KKKK." - KERRANG 

Glasgowbury is a multi-award winning music festival and music group, with a host of year-round activities aimed at supporting and enhancing the Northern Ireland music scene.(Northern Ireland - not Scotland!) Run by musicians, for musicians, Glasgowbury ignited a spark that has yet to be doused with 2013 being the most ambitious year yet. The festival expands to two day event and moves into a dedicated building in Draperstown. 

7/20: Glasgowbury Music Festival -
7/27: Rock & Blues Old School Weekender -
7/28: Planet Rock's Steelhouse Festival -
8/02: Indiependence Music & Arts Fest -
8/17: Stendhal Festival of Art -

More details at and

Meanwhile,Trucker Diablo's latest album for Ripple Music, Songs of Iron, is still garnering tremendous press and radio play.  Songs of Iron and Trucker Diablo's critically-hailed Ripple Music debut, Devil Rhythm, are available in the Ripple Store:

"10/10! Songs Of Iron' demonstrates this, in spades, and as the Big Truck Keeps On Rollin' I suggest you either jump aboard or get out of the muthafuckin' way!"
- Planet Mosh

"Trucker Diablo have once again proved that they are one of the best up and coming bands on the circuit at the moment. Their songwriting and playing would put a lot of older, more established bands to shame.  If there is any justice in the world then 2013 should be 'Year Of The Truck', just go buy this, you won't be disappointed, except when it ends! " 
- Get  Ready to Rock

"This is definitely one of the best hours you'll spend in your life, this album kicks ass, and then some. I defy anyone not to feel better and ready to take on the world after listening to it." - TBFM online (Total Biker FM)

The Trucker boys took 2012 by the throat and played a massive 40 shows, which including some key highlights from playing Hammerfest with Anthrax, supporting Foo Fighters at Tennents Vital, supporting Terrorvision on their UK tour, rocking crowds on the main stage at Hard Rock Hell festival and topping off 2012 by supporting their heroes Thin Lizzy in Belfast. Trucker's second album Songs of Iron, will be released in May 2013 through Ripple Music and Bad Reputation (FRA). There's a big open road in front of Trucker Diablo, jump on board, be a part of the convoy and catch them on tour in the U.K and Europe in 2013.

UK Rockers GRIFTER Gearing Up For Bloodstock Performance

UK-based dirty rock n' roll trio GRIFTER have announced a string of live dates leading up to their appearance at this year's Bloodstock Metal Festival. 
The Ripple Music recording artists will be performing on Sunday, August 11th, the same day as Slayer, Anthrax, Gamma Bomb, Exodus, Devil Driver and Amorphis.  Specifically, the boys will be taking the stage to support legendary metallers Wolfsbane, as well as Breed 77 and Gormathon!

Bloodstock Open Air (B-O-A) is the UK's biggest independent METAL festival. Held at the picturesque location of Walton on Trent in Derbyshire, B-O-A has won the hearts and minds of fans of heavy ROCK AND METAL by consistently showcasing the strongest metal line up on UK soil. You can expect some 15,000 metal heads descending on Derbyshire in August 2013 for 4 days of unadulterated full on Heavy Metal!!!

BLOODSTOCK boasts over 100 international rock and metal acts across four stages, as well as other attractions including a huge international metal market, late night entertainment in the Sophie Lancaster Tent, fairground rides, 'The Bloodstock Arms' festival bar serving real ale, full weekend camping and one of the best atmospheres the festival scene has to offer. Add to this a signing tent where you can meet your favourite bands, and for those of you who need those extra creature comforts - an extra special VIP experience in the Serpents Lair camping and hospitality backstage bar, which offers 80+ different real ales, this really is an unmissable date in the headbangers calendar. Metal brethren at your marks! For more details, visit

Meanwhile, Grifter is finishing recording the follow up to their self-titled 2011 debut, which will appear later in the year on Ripple Music on CD and...VINYL!!!! Guinness splatter vinyl no less!!! 

The working title for the album is The Return Of The Bearded Brethren and will feature artwork from up and coming tattoo artist Jamie Campbell. Tracks from the album will include 'Braggard's Boast,' 'Black Gold,' 'It's Not Me It's You,' 'She Mountain,' 'Princess Leia,' 'Fire Water,' 'Paranoiac Blues,' 'The Return Of The Bearded Brethren,' 'Bow Down To The Monkey' and a cover of Black Sabbath's 'Fairies Wear Boots' that has become a popular fixture of the live set.

Grifter's critically-hailed debut is still available at

GRIFTER Live Dates:
7/26 - Manchester @ Gulliver's w/ The Bendal Interlude, Widows and Blastronaut
7/27 - Cheltenham @ The 2 Pigs w/ Welcome Back Delta and Smoke Pilot
8/02 - Abertillery @ The Doll's House w/ Black Light Machine and Static Signals
8/31 - Bournemouth @ The Anvil w/ Alunah, Diesel King and more
11/29 - HARD ROCK HELL w/ Black Star Riders, Airbourne, Nazareth, Paul Dianno, Michael Monroe and more.

Praise for GRIFTER:
Top 20 (#12 & #15) Album of the Year - The Soda Shop
Top 20 (#19) Album of the Year - Heavy Planet
Top 20 (#15) Album of the Year - Captain Beyond Zen
Top 10 of 2011 - The Sleeping Shaman
Top 10 (#5) Album of the Year - Chybucca Sounds
Bands That Caught My Attention (2011) - Steaming Heathen/Grips of Delusion
Best Records of 2011 - Sonic Abuse
Top 20 (#15) Album of the Year - The Obelisk
#4 Album of the year - A Brief History of Metal: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of 2011

"One of the best hard rock albums from top to bottom that I have listened to this year."
"This is an excellent album, catchy, groove rich and addictive . . . all (of the tracks) are of the same catchy, infectious quality. Get a copy and by the second listen I guarantee you will be singing along." [4/5] -  Metal
"Just about the best stoner rock band in England right now. Grifter build every one of their songs around monstrously grooving, simple riffs and smooth southern vocals. Something akin to Clutch jamming with Kim Thayil. Several songs, including opener Good Day For Bad News, Preacher And The Devil and Alabama Hotpocket are simply jammed with big riffs, and even when they go for an acoustic blues track to close with Gone Blues they can't help but groove." - JukeBox:Metal

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Legendary Rocker, Pete French, Teams With Ripple Music To Release New LEAF HOUND Album, Live In Japan

Late 60s/early 70s classic rock band LEAF HOUND is legendary. 

And now the band's equally legendary frontman, Pete French, and the rest of LEAF HOUND has joined forces with Ripple Music to release an LP, CD, DVD project of all newly recorded live material -  Live in Japan. 

Recorded live in July of 2012 in Tokyo, Live in Japan will see worldwide release later this year via Ripple Music. Look out world, LEAF HOUND has been unleashed once again! 

"As good a rock album as you could hope to hear. (LEAF HOUND, 'Unleashed')"
-Alastair Riddell, Kerrang!

"...a long-lost and quite wonderful doom-tinged hard rock band" 
- Dave Ling, Classic Rock

"...rightful heirs to the Led Zep/Bad Company blues rock crown"
- Pete Sargeant, Blues Matters

Few bands from the proto-metal period command the undying respect and nods of approval as does Leaf Hound.   Talk about a pedigree.  Leaf Hound formed in 1969 under their original name, Black Cat Bones. Early incarnations of the Black Cat Bones featured guitarist Paul Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke who both left to form Free. Black Cat Bones issued one album then replaced their vocalist with perfect-wailer Peter French, Guitarist Rod Price departed soon after to join Foghat and French added his cousin Mick Halls on guitar.  With that change, Leaf Hound was born.

In 1970, Leaf Hound released the seminal album "Growers of Mushrooms" which has rightly been hailed as a bonafide classic of 70's British underground rock scene. Classic Rock magazine has raved that "Growers of Mushrooms" is one of the most influential pieces of music on the stoner rock, and the album has gained a reputation as being one of the true lost gems of the early British hard rock scene.   Original Decca vinyl copies on are one of the most rare collectable rock albums out there with prices soaring above £4,000!

After the band broke up, Peter French found himself in high demand. He has been the voice of Atomic Rooster, Cactus and Randy Pie as well as releasing an acclaimed solo album on Polydor, 'Ducks In Flight', which featured the likes of Micky Moody, Brian Robertson and Kenny Jones. But the legend of Leaf Hound wouldn't die.  Interest in the band took a seismic shift when the album was first re-released on CD in 1994, finally giving rock fans easy access to the buried treasure. It gained a second re-release in 2005. The music is a prime slice of classic 70's hard rock - a heady mix of Cream, The Who, Free, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Following intense public demand, Pete French put a new version of Leaf Hound together in the Spring of 2004, and in 2007 Leaf Hound released their first new album in decades,  'Unleashed' on the R.A.R.E/Repertoire label to highly positive critical acclaim. The opening track, '105 Degrees', was voted one of the top 100 rock tracks of 2007 by Classic Rock magazine. To launch the release of the album, they headlined the second night of the All Hallows Festival at London's Camden Underworld.

Now, the next chapter in the myth that is Leaf Hound unfolds as the band has joined the stalwart heavy rocking label, Ripple Music to unleash an all new set of killer live Leaf Hound onto the unsuspecting public.  Soon to be released on LP, CD and DVD formats, Ripple Music will bring to a whole new audience the legend that is Leaf Hound.  With a roster of classic proto-metal rockers that includes Poobah, JPT Scare Band, and Iron Claw, Ripple Music has already proven its ability to bring classic rocking bands to a modern audience. 



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

VOLUME IV Signs Worldwide Deal With Ripple Music

RIPPLE MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of acclaimed, hard-hitting American heavy rockers, VOLUME IV to their ever-expanding roster!

VOLUME IV is a unit that unleashes their mighty sonic attack with aplomb and a nasty sneer on their faces. Full of grit and no-nonsense rock, VOLUME IV pummel their listeners to a bloody pulp with a fierce combination of heavy groove, dirty melodies and that all important riff.  Individually the members of VOLUME IV have shared the stage with legendary acts such as MOTORHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, DANZIG, MASTODON, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and DOWN.  Now, back in the studio, VOLUME IV is hard at work recording their RIPPLE MUSIC debut album, tentatively titled Long in the Tooth.  Plowing the same massively heavy fields of 70's/80's classic hard rock that fueled their debut EP, VOLUME IV aim to build upon the crushing success of that first release and take their rocking brand of heaviness to a new level. And when the band describes themselves as "Loud Motherfuckers" you better bet that the new album will rock! Whatever title the new album takes, RIPPLE MUSIC is set to unleash the heaviness worldwide in 2014, as the band makes plans to tour and hopefully hit all the major heavy rock festivals.

VOLUME IV commented yesterday upon the new alliance; "Other than not signing us in the back of a limo over mounds of cocaine, we feel Ripple is one of the best labels going and we are proud to be part of the family!! It's clear that these guys don't compromise in terms of putting out creative music and are true believers of heavy rock. The variety of bands and the sheer quality of music they've released speaks for itself. We're very honored that our music earned its place among their ranks!"

For the growing legions of Ripple fans, known as the Waveriders, VOLUME IV will be another must-hear addition to the ranks of bands that already include such heavy rockers as Mos Generator, Devil to Pay, Mothership, Trucker Diablo and Ape Machine. And you can bet that the combination of VOLUME IV and RIPPLE MUSIC will be a combustible mixture!

For an in-depth review of the band's self-titled EP and stream of album track 'Kong,' visit this location
Catch the mayhem that is VOLUME IV live:
July 13th Nashville, TN Foobar w/ Beitthemeans
July 14th Birmingham, AL @The Nick w/ Firewater Revival & Beitthemeans
July 19th Atlanta, GA @ Sweetwater Live w/ Muckracker, Bone Church, Voltage Cult
July 27th Jacksonville, AL Junebug Music Festival


Joe Carpenter - Guitar/Vocal
Troy King - Drums
Blake Parris - Bass

"I really, really like the sound that Volume IV have gone for here as its heavy without any gimmicks, it's just hard rock done by three guys who clearly love their craft. Go into this to remember why you started listening to rock and why you still love it today - then prepare to be transported back to those good days once again." - Dave Nicholls, Loud 

"Straight out of Walking Dead-land, Atlanta's heavy hitters Volume IV unleash their filthy sonic attack with great aplomb and with a big sneer on their faces. Full of grit and no-nonsense they simply pummel their listeners to a bloody pulp. Opting at being a force instead of going for warp speed, the band build up their songs to end in a furious crescendo." - Swedebeast, The Ripple Effect