Friday, December 31, 2010

Fen, "Trails Out of Gloom" One of the Best Albums of the Year!

The year end lists are starting to creep out of the underground . . . we'll give you some love from Heavy Planet . . . check out #18 (and the snazzy JPT banner on the side bar!)

JPT Scare Band One of the Best Albums of 2010

A huge shout out to Captain Beyond Zen for ranking JPT Scare Band's Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden as one of the top 40 releases of 2010! If you haven't heard it yet, and like acidified blues rock, go to and listen to what all the fuss is about.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Ripple Christmas!




Getting ready for a Ripple Christmas. Happy holidays, health, prosperity, rock and roll and happiness to ya'll!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Modern Day Moonshine soaring up the Charts!

Modern Day Moonshine is staying busy by attacking the Americana radio airwaves. Their first single, “Don’t Waste”, has been picked up by a number of stations across the U.S. and Europe, and even topping the charts on several stations, including #52 on WMSV’s Top 100 (Mississippi State University), #169 on RadioFreeAmericana, and #3 on Wildman Steve’s Top 65. Of further note, many stations in the Netherlands have requested the song for rotation and we should be seeing reports coming along in the near future.

The first tracks from Modern Day Moonshine’s Bootleggers Club will be made available this week. Spread across the bands' newly redesigned website and social media, the project allows "MDM Bootleggers" to access a new song every Tuesday. With a catalogue of songs reaching well into the hundreds, the streaming mp3's will range from demos and live performances to previously unreleased studio tracks, and will feature exclusive photos and updates from the band. Fans will be polled each month to choose their favorite tracks, with the winners being compiled into a special edition “Bootlegger Album” that will be available as a download only.

And we just got a report that Modern Day Moonshine's Refuge album landed at #22 on the WALW-FM radio station . . . they're tucked neatly between Black Crowes, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and Gov't Mule! Now that's a cup of alright!

We've also learned that Modern Day Moonshine has crashed the National Charts, breaking into the top 300 nationally for roots/Americana!

Friday, December 17, 2010

After years of plying their frenzied, hard-rocking, acid blues trade in near obscurity, the love and accolades keep pouring in for JPT Scare Band.  Classic Rock Magazine, one of the world’s leading magazines for good ‘ol rock and roll, honored JPT Scare Band by including their single “Not My Fault” – from the Ripple Music released Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden -- on their November edition cover-mounted CD.   After previously naming JPT Scare Band one of the “lost pioneers of heavy metal,” Classic Rock continued the love fest proclaiming that “JPT Scare Band plied a terrifying form of ear-bludgeoning hard rock that was so far ahead of its time, people are still trying to catch up.”

And it keeps getting better.  A quick peruse over at CD, the leading seller of independent CD’s, finds JPT Scare Band’s Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden, holding down the #2 chart position in the Extended Jams Category.  And extended jamming is what the band does best, as found on the monstrous acidified blues freakouts “Amy's Blue Day,” “Stone House Blues,” and the title cut “Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden.” And with the boys back in the studio, recording songs for the follow up to "Acid Blues," you can expect more extended jam, stunning guitar work, and frightening heaviness to be unleashed soon.

It seems the world is waking up to the terror that is JPT Scare Band and the masterful, mind-boggling guitar work of Terry Swope.  The Rock and Roll Report has proclaimed that Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden, “sizzles with fuzzy guitars, gritty vocals, and extended jam sessions that instantly transports you to what feels like a Hendrix concert. Terry Swope has got to be one of the world's most underrated guitarists! If you miss the glory days of Cream, Deep Purple, and Jimi Hendrix, you have to check out these uncovered gems from JPT Scare Band.”  Here Comes the Flood decrees that Acid Blues “holds its own against famous niche sharers, such as Cream, Ten Years After, Rory Gallagher and the mighty Led Zeppelin!” and Sonic Abuse gushes that Acid Blues is simply a “gem to treasure.”

Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden is available in limited quantities from Ripple Music in two-toned, gatefold, double-LP with two bonus tracks, Deluxe digipack CD, or digital at and all fine music sites like iTunes, Digstation, Amazon, CD Baby, and eBay.

Don’t miss out on the revival of classic acid Proto-metal and the album that the infamous Roadburn Festival has hailed as the “Album of the Day!”

Click here for the full CD rankings:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ripple Music: 2011 Releases

Ripple Music: 2011 Releases

In light of the success that we’ve seen here at Ripple Music over the last year, we wanted to look into our crystal balls and take a stab at what we see for the coming year, and then pass these findings on to you . . . the ever vigilant fan of heavy music! 2010 saw the label release seven titles, and 2011 is promising an even greater growth. Since the first release in June, Ripple Music has welcomed two additional acts to the family and has plotted out these follow up releases:

Scheduled for release in early April, we’re looking at a deluxe CD re-issue of the Stone Axe debut album with bonus live material, and a companion DVD featuring promotional videos and tons of live footage highlighting the bands epic performances. This re-issue will be released in conjunction with the bands trek across the Atlantic to tour the UK and parts of Europe that will culminate with their appearance at 2011’s Roadburn Festival in Holland.

While we’re on the topic of Stone Axe, word has come down from Tony Reed that the band is hammering away at material for a new album. No date has been set on the release, though initial discussions have us looking at a late summer street date.

Also featuring Stone Axe, we’ll be releasing the Heavy Ripples compilation double 7”, which will include the return of Brooklyn-based stoner-fied punks Mighty High, the introduction of blues-based retro rockers from the UK, Grifter, and on loan from the incomparable Small Stone Records, Sun Gods In Exile. The 7” will be packaged in a double gatefold jacket featuring the glorious artistic touch of Wayne Braino Bjerke. Expect to see this monstrous beast of sonic debauchery in April.

Speaking of Grifter, the band is partnering up with Ripple Music to release their upcoming album! The band is currently putting the wraps on the recording of new material and both parties are shooting to have the CD (vinyl?) released in May. A UK tour and potential U.S. tour are in the works in support of the as of yet unnamed album, though odds are, it will probably be self-titled.

Being that we talk with Tony Reed on a near daily basis, we have some information pertaining to another Reed project that has us rejoicing in our sleep. We’re looking at re-releasing the first Mos Generator album as a deluxe 10 year anniversary edition. The details are still being worked out in regards to time frame and content, but much like the deluxe Stone Axe CD, expect there to be some great bonus material to be included in this package.

On the doom metal front, is arm locked with Venomin James to re-issue their debut album, Left Hand Man, on vinyl! The album will be specifically mastered for the vinyl format and will include unreleased/live bonus material. Left Hand Man will be available in the first half of the year.

Poobah will be returning in 2011 with a brand new studio album entitled Peace Farmers. Originally self released by Jim Gustafson to a limited run of less than 500 copies, Peace Farmers acts as a great follow up to the re-issue of Let Me In and features a couple of updated renditions of some Poobah classics. Initially, Peace Farmers will be released on CD only, but as the case always seems to be, the door is open to press limited runs of vinyl to accompany the CD edition.

Santa Barbara’s melodic hard rockers Tripdavon are currently working on additional bonus tracks for the deluxe re-release of their latest album Sketches From Silence. As with many of the releases for the year, the time table isn’t set in stone, though we suspect that the album will be ready for mass consumption towards the end of summer.

Finally, Ripple Music will release the latest offering from Scotland’s Iron Claw. The as of yet titled full length album is comprised of all brand new material and includes the vocal talents of new member Gordon Brown. This will initially be a CD only release, but much like the Poobah release, there’s a great chance that it will also see a vinyl edition. Tony Reed is scheduled to master the album once it’s complete and should be available sometime mid-year.

That’s it for all of the major releases for the time being, though as things go around here, that could all change in a moment’s notice and the releases may double in quantity. Also, keep in mind, this doesn’t take into consideration any of the 7” single projects that are in the works . . . so keep an ear out for that news as it becomes available.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Attack of the Ripple Patch!

Now the Ripple Patch is corrupting small animals.  Where will it appear next?  Get yours at

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attack of the Ripple Patch!

Waveriders Beware! 

Appearing unexpectedly, shockingly, in mail boxes around the world, The Ripple Patch arrives!   At first, jettisoned to the rapturous applause of dedicated Ripple fans, there are plenty of patches available for waveriders left and right.

Under the Grand Designs of Pope and Racer, those who wish to enter the revered brotherhood of the patch are required to perform this simple rite of initiation.  When your patch arrives, take a photo of the patch in any situation you desire; wearing it, not wearing it, feeding it, driving with it, jumping on the space shuttle . . . whatever moves  you.  Let your creativity flow and send us a picture.  All pictures will be posted here on Grooves and Ripples, The Ripple Effect, and later on the official Ripple site,

For our first photo, we can see the devastating effect the Ripple patch had on a simple rehearsal for the band Mighty High.  There's the patch, right there, branded to the amplifier. Last we heard, no one was brave enough to start mouth-to-mouth.

 So be ready, beware.  When the Ripple patch arrives, don't give into the fear.  Enjoy and embrace your selection into the fraternal order of Ripple.

Long may the patch wave!!@!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sneak Peak at the New Fen Video!

Secret news leaked from the Canadian Northwest. Fen is in the finishing stage of their first major music video. A dark epic filmed with puppets for the amazing song, "Miracle." Sneak peak below. Send us your thoughts!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


With the release of their new studio album Refuge (Ripple Music) just weeks away, blues/soul/rock trio Modern Day Moonshine announce the launch of their free fan interactive  "MDM Bootleggers” Club

Spread across the bands' newly redesigned website and social media, the project allows "MDM Bootleggers" to access a new song every Tuesday. With a catalogue of songs reaching well into the hundreds,  the streaming mp3's will range from demos and live performances to previously unreleased studio tracks, and will feature exclusive photos and updates from the band.  Fans will be polled each month to choose their favorite tracks, with the winners being compiled into a special edition “Bootlegger Album”  that will be available as a download only.

Offered free to all MDM fans, the only “cost” to join is their word of mouth.  Operated much like the charity candy display at a gas station cash register, MDM is using the honor system of holding fans accountable to helping spread the word.  In return for their efforts, MDM Bootleggers will have access to all new material as well as contests, giveaways and free tickets to upcoming shows. 

Commented drummer David Burrows "These tunes need to be heard, and we want the fans to determine a unique album.  This is the quickest way to get them out.  We're really looking forward to hooking up our fans for helping spread the Modern Day Moonshine name."
Modern Day Moonshine's
Refuge will see a November 23rd release through Ripple Music.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot on the Heels of Their Critically-praised Ripple Music Debut, Grand Atlantic Light Up the Soundtrack of Gossip Girl

Following hot on the heels of the success of their Ripple Music debut split 7" single, Grand Atlantic keep the pedal to the metal, building momentum and converting the uninitiated to the Grand Atlantic ranks.

Taken from Grand Atlantic's massively praised second album "How We Survive," the hot single "Used to Be the Sensitive Type" was remixed and remastered for inclusion on the Ripple Music split single which also featured the KEXP Top 20 hit by Sky Parade, "I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down."  Since then, things have only gotten busier for the Australian band.

Locked in the studio working on songs for their 2011 third album hasn't kept Grand Atlantic from touring Japan and readying another US tour in 2011.  With dates already set from coast to coast, including a four-day stay at SXSW, fans will have plenty of opportunity to catch Grand Atlantic's heady, trance-inducing psychedelic pop single.  And the US audience is definitely catching the Grand Atlantic wave. The first episode of season 4 of the hit TV show, Gossip Girl featured Grand Atlantic's Until it's Gone," bringing in tons of new fans.  The video for "Until It's Gone," featuring footage from the recent Japanese Tour garnered thousands of hits after the band's Gossip Girl debut.

Check out the video and hear the song that captured the hearts of Gossip Girl fans everywhere.

Pressed in extremely limited quanties, the Ripple Music s 7" split single (pressed on glowing orange vinyl) is still available through and can be found everywhere on Grand Atlantic's tour. 

For Fans of: Oasis, Dolly Rocker Movement, Stone Roses, Big Star, Baby Woodrose, Dandy Warhols

“Gives Oasis a run for their money.” (Courier Mail, AUS)

"Grand Atlantic molds the psychedelic post-punk ethereal moods of their countrymen, The Church, with the shoegazing swirling madbeat of The Stone Roses, and toss in a touch of garage crunch a la Ripple favorites The Thieves just for kicks. The results of this combination of psychedelic distillery are intoxicating…”(The Ripple Effect, USA)

“…This is the excellent album Oasis should have done after What’s the Story Morning Glory but didn’t…”(Lucid Culture, USA)

“Grand Atlantic sure know how to write songs choc full of guitar driven rock/pop dynamics…” ( AUS)

"Grand Atlantic has a sound masterfully blending driving modern rock riffs with smart pop hooks and spot on harmonies…”(Bill’s Music Forum, USA)

“Grand Atlantic’s second full-length album is chock-full of pop rock, with big sounds, singalong hooks and catchy melodies… How We Survive is a masterfully crafted record.” (Time Off Magazine, AUS)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jam Band Extraordinaire, Modern Day Moonshine’s New Album Slated For November Release

After signing on with Ripple Music in the waning weeks of 2009, the Bay Area’s Modern Day Moonshine found themselves in the scenic, serene, and solitary environs of Tres Llamas Studios, a converted ranch overlooking the Towalame River in Northern California. With no one to disturb except for the indigenous wildlife and the three llamas that roam the studio grounds, the band spent late days and even later nights laying down the basic tracks to the dozen or so songs that would eventually make up Refuge, the bands third full-length album.

Scheduled to hit the streets on November 23rd, 2010, Refuge is an album of soulful blues-based rock that features grand elements of jazz, funk, and roots-Americana. This musical diversity has made Modern Day Moonshine practically impossible to accurately categorize, and will undoubtedly leave listeners emotionally charged and excited to explore the multiple layers of the recorded sounds.

Armed with a catalog of well over a hundred songs and the experience of performing more than five hundred shows (including a two and a half years as the house band for the House of Blues in San Diego), Modern Day Moonshine are prepared for a lengthy stint on the road where no two shows will ever sound the same.

Refuge is available for pre-order at the Ripple Music Store or for digital download at Digstation/ModernDayMoonshine

"come on in and pour yourself a cup of alright"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ripple News - Ex-Brian Jonetown Massacre's new band, Sky Parade, Soars Up the KEXP Charts

KEXP Top 20 song, “I Should be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down) by Sky Parade featured with Grand Atlantic on this split 7” of psychedelic pop perfection.
Just in time for their World tour in support of their Top 20 KEXP song, the heady, trance-inducing psychedelic pop of Sky Parade is on full display with their highly infectious tune, “I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down)”.  Produced by the Dandy Warhol’s Courtney Taylor and released in hot anticipation of their upcoming World Tour, "I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down)" has been lighting up the switchboard where the single has already climbed to number 20 on the KEXP Radio Chart and the Top 10 on KKBB.  

Check out the video and hear the song that’s tearing up the LA clubs right now.

The split single will be available world-wide from the bands on tour and through

"A joyride of dense, churning guitars that sounds like Primal Scream getting Spiritualized!" – L.A. Times

"Sky Parade have found Psych-rock's sweet spot" -- Buzz Bands LA

"Hook-laden genius" -- 90.3 FM

"KKBB Top 10 single!" -- KKBB

"Quite simply, this is a prime slice of psychedelic pop that you can dance to." Terrascope UK

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Reviews for Poobah's "Let Me In" Keep Rolling In

Yep, we couldn't be more excited about this.  The world is learning what we already knew; Poobah's "Let Me In," just may be the lost album of the decade!  The '70's decade that is.

Packed with bonus features and rare photos, our re-unleashing of "Let Me In," is already being hailed by rock critics such as Ray's Realm and Heavy Metal Time Machine as the re-issue of the year.

And we got more coming your way!  Lot's more.  Because that's what we do.

We're Ripple Music: Bringing the Guts Back to Rock and Roll!

From Cosmic Lava:  "When I first heard this album I was floored by it's heaviness and raw fury. This is seriously heavy music - big, fuzzed-out, wild, but sometimes also unexpectedly strange. 'Aww, Not Now' is the best example of POOBAH's own weirdness. Today, after almost 30 years, 'Let Me In' (inclusive of all bonus tracks) is still a very distinctive album that is exhilarating and refreshing. It is good fun to watch the rare photos in the booklet, while listening to the powerful jamming in 'Upside Down Highway'. This album is very highly recommended to all 1970's heavy rock fans, and I hope that Ripple Music unearth more nearly forgotten treasures from the past"

Buy here:  Poobah

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's true . . . we never stop working for you.

Great new music just keeps flooding out of Ripple Central.

Look out for new vinyl from Venomin James, Mos Generator, Stone Axe, as well as new releases from Tripdavon and Iron Claw!

And don't forget Poobah, JPT Scare Band, Fen and our collection of 7" treasures from Stone Axe/Mighty High and Sky Parade/Grand Atlantic.

And the Award-Winning music site, The Ripple Effect

More coming, always more coming!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Modern Day Moonshine New Album Arrives!

At long last! My trusty assistant and I have gone through the latest delivery from one of our illustrious manufacturers, who once again hit it out of the park! Modern Day Moonshine is now in stock for all interested in pre-orders. Refuge will not be available in stores until the end of November, so be the first on your block to get your backyard barbecue soundtrack!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stone Axe Signs with Ripple Music!

Fresh off the success of their first collaboration, a 7" split single between Stone Axe and Mighty High, multi-instrumentalist and rock preservationist T. Dallas Reed has signed with Ripple Music to re-release the critically praised Stone Axe self-titled debut on both vinyl and deluxe CD packages. Originally released in 2009, Stone Axe lit the message boards on fire with it's ballsy, retro, bluesy sound, bringing back the classic sound of rock that so many were craving. Now set to be gloriously re-unleashed, the vinyl edition of the album includes an extended jam of one of the original tunes and a full lyric sheet. The LP version will hit the streets on September 7th.

The CD edition of the album, which will see the light of day later in the year, will be a deluxe package with almost 30 minutes of bonus live tracks and a DVD of original promotional videos, live performances, and bonus footage from the recording of the album. A true panacea for the Stone Axe fans!

"Stone Axe are quietly becoming one of the most seminal “new classic” rock bands on the scene.” – Sleazegrinder, Classic Rock Magazine

But, that's not all. Now signed to Ripple Music, T. Dallas Reed has opened his ever expansive vault of recorded material to Ripple Music. In 2011, Ripple Music will release a mind-blowing third Stone Axe full length LP, and a re-release of the first Mos Generator LP to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the debut of this legendary stoner rock band. This Mos Generator LP will be laden with bonus material and live performances.

Look for a surprise Stone Axe EP to come out later this year as well!

"They may very well get lumped into the stoner rock category. That wouldn't do them justice though. These guys lug out the massive sounds and they begin spinning them around, manipulating and pulling us with them.” – Heavy Metal Time Machine

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JPT Scare Band Auctions Rare Test Pressing of Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden for Gulf Charity

JPT Scare Band - Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden

After Taking on BP Oil with their Video, "Not My Fault", JPT Scare Band Auction Rare, Original Test Pressing to Benefit Families Affected by the Gulf Disaster

Legendary rockers, JPT Scare Band, have opened ears and turned critics heads with their dynamic new album, Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden.  Hailed by The Obelisk as "one of the most natural and charismatic records this year", JPT Scare Band have put together an album that celebrates the band's history and their present.  Now, after the success of their world-wide video premiere, "Not My Fault," and their sarcastic attack of BP's denial of responsibility for the Gulf Coast Disaster, JPT are making the ultimate record collectible available to the public--with all proceeds going to benefit those families affected by the Oil Spill.

Starting Monday, July 12th, JPT Scare Band and Ripple Music will be auctioning off the only available original test pressing of Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden. This is the only copy that will ever be made available to the public, and it is only being done to benefit Gulf Coast Relief.
Follow the link below to take part in the auction for this rarest-of-rare-piece of JPT Scare Band history, help out a worthwhile cause and help the band stick it to BP Oil one more time.   And while you're at it, check out the video for "Not My Fault" leave your thoughts, and pass it on to your friends.

With Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden, JPT Scare Band have created a sound equally heavy in hard rocking blues as it was tripped out in psychedelia.
  Hailed as one of the "lost pioneers of Heavy Metal” by Classic Rock MagazineJPT Scare Band has seen a resurgence of interest by fans of 1970’s heavy fuzzed out rock.

The auction for the rare "Acid Blues" test pressing will last for one week only.  Once it's gone, it's gone!  Don't miss out on this chance to win this part of rock and roll history.  The rarest JPT collectible you will ever find!

"Each track sizzles with nostalgia, with fuzzy guitars, gritty vocals, and extended jam sessions. Everything grooves in its own right.  Terry Swope has got to be one of the world's most underrated guitarists! If you miss the glory days of Cream, Deep Purple, and Jimi Hendrix, you have to check out these uncovered gems from JPT Scare Band."  -- Bill's Music Forum and the Rock and Roll Report. 
"Acid Blues Is the White Man's Burden is Classic Rock from the Golden Age! Holds its own against their famous niche sharers, such as Cream, Ten Years After, Rory Gallagher and the mighty Led Zeppelin." -- Here Comes the Flood
"A Gem to treasure!  This is an unmissable compilation.   JPT Scare band are the unsung heroes of the cult rock scene and now they have decided to remind the world of their phenomenal abilities."  -- Sonic Abuse
"Album of the Day!" -
"Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden is without question one of the most natural sounding and charismatic records I’ve heard this year. Littrell, Grigsby and Swope show remarkable chemistry. Swope’s leads are not to be understated, the soul in what he does is so up front it’ll bring a tear to your eye. Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden might be a sleeper, but for those who discover it, it’s treasure." -- The Obelisk

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ripple Music Vinyl Has Arrived!!!!!

Faces of pure exuberance! The Ripple crew, Todd and John driving back from Pirate's Press with an entire carload full of JPT Scare Band and Stone Axe/Mighty High vinyl!!!!

The first official Ripple Music vinyl releases have arrived!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The New Ripple Music Record Label is Story of the Week at GuitarWorld!

Now we couldn't be more proud.  In fact, we're blushing.

GuitarWorld Magazine has named the formation of the Ripple Music Record Label one of their top stories of the week.

And it's only getting better.  With JPT Scare Band now officially released on Cd and Vinyl.  Fen and Poobah releases due any second.  Our first project with the world's best retro-metallers, Stone Axe available for preorder (The tasty 7" split with Mighty High) and the mastering started for the new Modern Day Moonshine album, there's just tons to get excited about in Ripple world.

Come on in and join the fun.  The water's just fine.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Premiere of the First Ever JPT Scare Band Video

Legendary rockers, JPT Scare Band, released some of the most collectible psychedelic/acid rock of all time, and now they're about to release their first ever music video.  Banded together during the tumultuous years of the early 70’s, JPT Scare Band fused a sound equally heavy in hard rocking blues as it was tripped out in psychedelia, creating a sound so imposing that it perfectly reflected the emotions of the era.  Hailed as one of the "lost pioneers of Heavy Metal” by Classic Rock Magazine, JPT Scare Band has seen a resurgence of interest by fans of 1970’s heavy fuzzed out rock.

Now, on the heels of the release of their new album, "Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden" on Ripple Music, JPT will unveil their first ever music video for the new JPT classic, "Not My Fault," a song written by JPT in the '70's but never recorded until the early 2000's.  The video makes direct use of the song's title and biting sarcastic edge as it assails BP for their denial of any blame for the Gulf Oil Spill disaster.  The video is thought provoking and inflammatory, in addition to being a good 'ol rock video, with tons of never before seen footage of JPT Scare Band doing what they do best.

Released as a special event, "Not My Fault," will makes it's exclusive debut as a limited world-wide premiere on some of rock's finest websites.

Starting Monday, June 14th and for one week, the new JPT Scare Band video can be found only at these fine sites.

Rock Realms
The Soda Shop
The Obelisk
Bill's Music Forum
Bad Taste Music

And of course, here, on the Ripple Effect.

If the video touches a nerve with you, including it's poignant ending, please pass it on.  Let's create a ruckus in BP's world.  The song "Not My Fault," and the album, Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden can be found at Ripple Music,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ripple Music in the News! Great Reviews Keep Coming In!!!

Just wanted to share with you some great news.  Each of our first three Ripple releases has already had their first reviews published, and so far the results have been stunning!

Fen "Trails out of Gloom" Power Play Magazine issue #121 "Trails Out of Gloom is a hidden gem amongst the sometimes nonsensical world of progressive music. Fen are clearly masters at the complementary meshing of instruments. Trails Out of Gloom is a brilliantly composed album that sounds half way between the cleaner moments of Opeth and Anathema, whilst also retaining its own unique identity. Fen provide a delightful presentation of mellow and erudite prog."

JPT Scare Band "Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden." Bill's Music Forum and the Rock and Roll Report. "Each track sizzles with nostalgia, with fuzzy guitars, gritty vocals, and extended jam sessions that instantly transport you to what feels like a Hendrix concert. Everything grooves in its own right. . .  will undoubtedly dazzle fans of classic blues rock. Terry Swope has got to be one of the world's most underrated guitarists!  If you miss the glory days of Cream, Deep Purple, and Jimi Hendrix, you have to check out these uncovered gems from JPT Scare Band."

Kevin Beadles "You Can't Argue With Water." Bill's Music Forum and the Rock and Roll Report: "Beadles plays a sublime kind of music that you might hear coming from a Midwestern porch. "You Can't Argue With Water" is cleansing, washing away the overly processed garbage that usually contaminates the airwaves, and nurturing our thirst for pristine talent. "You Can't Argue With Water", starts with the perfect "Shine", a radio-friendly pop country rocker that crosses several musical genres, and boasts a catchy melody that allows Beadles to showcase how effortlessly he can drift into falsetto and back again. "Shine" is easily my favorite track, but there is lots more that I look forward to hearing time and time again."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ripple Music Announces a Killer New Split 7" with Stone Axe and Mighty High

We couldn't be more excited about this.  In fact, we're so thrilled, we're giddy.  Like kids in a candyshop.

Ripple Music is proud to announce that last week we sent in the art and fully-mastered tracks for a killer new 7" split vinyl single featuring the masters of retro-70's rock, Stone Axe and stoner cretins Mighty High.  The single should be ready for your consumption mid-June.

Featuring some mindboggling, Mighty High-inspired artwork, this 7" is sure to leave em stunned.  Stone Axe contributes a monster rock burner, "Metal Damage," featuring Tony Reed's blistering guitar attack and staggering vocals from Dru  Brinkerhoff.  Mirroring 1978-1980-era Judas Priest, this song is everything that Classic Rock Magazine has been raving about when they declared Stone Axe to ". . . conjure a guttural, soulful hard-rock cauldron. "

Mighty High contributes "Don't Panic It's Organic" with a blistering high energy feel that sounds like Rose Tattoo in bed with MC5.  Quite possibly the best thing to come from Mighty High yet.

The split will be extremely rare, limited to 500.  Stone Axe will have some for their West Coast Tour this summer and Mighty High will be displaying some at their gigs as well.  The rest can only be bought here, at Ripple Music.  Don't miss out.

Go to for more details.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Summer of Ripple

Hello friends!

Welcome to May and Spring is in full swing, flowers are bloomin' like crazy and the happy little elves at Ripple Music are preparing for a summer full of releases! 

We'll be seeing our first official release hitting the streets on June 22nd, 2010 in the form of JPT Scare Band's Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden. The heavily fuzzed out blues-based rock outfit has worked hand in hand with Ripple Music in the song selection and the album art to fully encapsulate the bands (in)glorious history as the unsung heroes of proto-metal. Coming on the heals of the widely acclaimed self-released album Rumdum Daddy, Acid Blues will be available in deluxe CD digipak, digital download, and multi-colored double 12" vinyl formats. The vinyl edition will also include two bonus tracks for your listening pleasure! Follow the link to hear more from this painfully obscure classic rock outfit!

Vancouver's beloved alienists on the path of self discovery, Fen, are preparing for the release of their fourth album, Trails Out of Gloom. The epic album of brooding and hauntingly beautiful songs will hit the streets on July 13th with the band working the road in support of the disc. Initially, Trails will be available in deluxe CD digipak and digital download formats, but plans are underway for a follow up 12" vinyl release. To hear some advanced tracks, please follow this link . . .

Bay Area singer/songwriter, Kevin Beadles, also has an album available for the masses of happy and hungry music listeners. You Can't Argue With Water will officially hit the streets through Ripple Music on July 13th, 2010, featuring well crafted songs that are highlighted by thought provoking lyrics. The album will be available in CD digipak and digital download formats. For some samples of Kevin's work, follow the link . . .

Ripple Music is also proud to announce the release of the 1972 lost classic, Let Me In, from Poobah. Featuring the guitar wizardry of Jim Gustafson, Poobah has milled about in the same circles as classic rock icons Hawkwind, Blue Cheer, and Iron Butterfly. This deluxe re-issue will be available in jewel case CD, digital download, and multi-colored double 12" vinyl formats . . . and all will include bonus tracks from "lost tapes" of the Let Me In recording sessions. Look for the album this summer, and in the meantime, feel free to listen to some of the music that you have missed over the years . . .

Finally, Modern Day Moonshine has submitted the cover art and the album title for their long-awaited follow up to their self-titled EP from last year. Refuge follows the same big sky, open land path that this trio has walked for the past five years . . . but with a fresh burst of energy and a focused approach. Refuge will initially be available in CD digipak and digital download formats, but we're not ruling out a vinyl edition in the near future. 

Ripple Music has also come to agreements with the Santa Barbara modern rock outfit, Tripdavon, to re-release their latest album, Sketches From Silence, in a deluxe format filled with unreleased tracks and bonus material. And, as of this writing, the label has also come to a verbal handshake with classic proto-metallers, Iron Claw, from the UK to release their first collection of studio material since their classic self-titled 70's release. 

2010 promises to be an exciting year with a ton of great music, so tune in frequently, or simply sign up to our mailing list and get the 411 before anyone else! 

That's all for now . . . and remember, if you're not listening to it loud, you're not listening to it right!

Ripple Music

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life at the Ripple - Come on and Join us for the Ride of a Lifetime

Waveriders, welcome.  Welcome to this wacky world we call the Ripple.

Ripple Music is a record label started by music fans for music fans. The label specializes in rock-based acts that capture a classic sound for familiarity, but also touch on modern elements so that music sounds relevant for tomorrow. Ultimately, Ripple Music is all about bringing fun back into music.

We're gonna use this space to show you the people behind the scenes.  Give you a glimpse into this place we call the Ripple.  You'll learn about all of us, our trials and tribulations as we get this baby off the ground.  In the end, we hope you'll enjoy the ride, seeing that we're not a faceless record label here.  We're a couple of goofy guys with a great support staff, and all of us are crazy about music and want nothing more than to bring good music into the world for the fans to enjoy.   Maybe you'll even find your next favorite band with us.

Check in frequently or, better yet, sign up for our newsletter so that you can stay on top of the latest and greatest at Ripple Music!  We have lots of contests, free giveaways, limited edition pressings, and 7" vinyl subscription club coming your way.

Now, it’s time for YOUR classic rock! ™

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ripple Music Builds Roster

Greetings Readers! Just a quick note to let you all know what's going on with Ripple Music. As many of you may know, JPT Scare Band has signed on to release an album that highlights some of their more obscure, but nonetheless brilliant moments. The album is entitled Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden and the proper mixes are being collected to ensure we can deliver the best sounding product possible. The album will be released on a CD digipak, complete with booklet and liner notes. It will also be available from every digital outlet out there. Biggest news is that we're currently looking at releasing the album as a double gatefold 12" LP that would contain a couple of bonus tracks. Keep your eyes and ears open Spring of 2010!

In other news, two other bands have officially signed on with Ripple Music. The first is a brooding progressive metal act out of Vancouver, British Columbia called Fen. Their new album sounds masterful so far, and we're only hearing the rough mixes! The new album, Trails Out of Gloom, will be hitting stores in Spring of 2010.

Lastly, the soulful rock trio of Modern Day Moonshine has partnered up with Ripple Music and is preparing to enter the studio to begin recording the long-awaited follow up to last year's critically acclaimed self-titled EP. More news will follow as this story begins to take shape, but we expect to see something right about the same time as the other two releases, maybe more towards the end of Spring.

To hear a little bit of what all of these bands are like, please follow the attached link and give the bands a few moments of your time.

We're still negotiating with a few other artists out there and I'm certain that we'll have even more news for you in the coming weeks. Thank you for your time . . . now get back out there and listen to some bitchin' music!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year from Ripple Music

Howdy waveriders.  Here's wishing you all a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2010.  Let's all hope the world finds its sanity and calms down, stops the fighting, and just puts on some good music and rocks for a while.

And on that front, we have big news for you!

Ripple Music is moving along with its plans to bring you the most fun, interactive, fan-involved music label on the planet.  We have 3 bands lined up so far with 4 more to come and lots and lots of surprises to come your way.

We're not quite ready yet to reveal the bands' names, but we will soon.

Stay tuned, be healthy, and here's to a wonderful 2010!