Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jam Band Extraordinaire, Modern Day Moonshine’s New Album Slated For November Release

After signing on with Ripple Music in the waning weeks of 2009, the Bay Area’s Modern Day Moonshine found themselves in the scenic, serene, and solitary environs of Tres Llamas Studios, a converted ranch overlooking the Towalame River in Northern California. With no one to disturb except for the indigenous wildlife and the three llamas that roam the studio grounds, the band spent late days and even later nights laying down the basic tracks to the dozen or so songs that would eventually make up Refuge, the bands third full-length album.

Scheduled to hit the streets on November 23rd, 2010, Refuge is an album of soulful blues-based rock that features grand elements of jazz, funk, and roots-Americana. This musical diversity has made Modern Day Moonshine practically impossible to accurately categorize, and will undoubtedly leave listeners emotionally charged and excited to explore the multiple layers of the recorded sounds.

Armed with a catalog of well over a hundred songs and the experience of performing more than five hundred shows (including a two and a half years as the house band for the House of Blues in San Diego), Modern Day Moonshine are prepared for a lengthy stint on the road where no two shows will ever sound the same.

Refuge is available for pre-order at the Ripple Music Store or for digital download at Digstation/ModernDayMoonshine

"come on in and pour yourself a cup of alright"

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