Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ripple News - Modern Day Moonshine Featured on KPIG’s Fresh Pork Chops Radio Show

It’s been quite the journey for Modern Day Moonshine over the past 6 months. Since releasing their third full-length album, Refuge, in November, the band has charted on various regional radio stations, placed on the Americana Music Association charts, were tapped to open for national touring act Brian Jordan in San Francisco, have been invited to perform a showcase for an advertising firm in the Bay Area, and now have become the featured act for this week’s Fresh Pork Chops radio program on KPIG-FM 107.5 in Santa Cruz.

During a massive AAA radio campaign that has highlighted tracks “Don’t Waste” and “Unsung” from the bands’ Refuge album, KPIG gravitated toward the album so much that for the next week at 7:00pm PST, the radio station will be airing tracks from the album.

Meanwhile, Modern Day Moonshine is working feverishly to hit the road to bring the album live to fans across the country! For those who can’t wait for more Modern Day Moonshine, join the bands Bootleggers Club and get the opportunity to hear unreleased, demos, brand new, and live tracks from their immense vault of material!

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