Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great Review of the New Stone Axe I Deluxe Edition on Heavy Metal Time Machine

" If you missed out on 2009's self titled release from Stone Axe then you missed out on of truly one of the best fantastic classic hard rock albums released in recent years. They are not just a retro band or a copy, but rather they truly capture the spirit of late 60's early 70's hard rock early metal. The tones, the pace and every element makes the album sound like a lost gem from yesteryear. Yet they still manage to sound fresh just because they believe so much in what they are doing and they are great at selling it. This is one of those albums that just gets better each time you play it." 

"This DVD includes a pile clips with a few videos, and interview but the majority of the time is made up of live clips from several different shows. What really shines through on all of these clips is how natural these guys sound and easy they make it look."

"So did this album deserve a collector's edition? After listening and watching both discs my answer is a definite yes. This a fantastic set and even if you have the original disc it's still worth getting because all the extras will make you appreciate this band even more."

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