Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attack of the Ripple Patch!

Waveriders Beware! 

Appearing unexpectedly, shockingly, in mail boxes around the world, The Ripple Patch arrives!   At first, jettisoned to the rapturous applause of dedicated Ripple fans, there are plenty of patches available for waveriders left and right.

Under the Grand Designs of Pope and Racer, those who wish to enter the revered brotherhood of the patch are required to perform this simple rite of initiation.  When your patch arrives, take a photo of the patch in any situation you desire; wearing it, not wearing it, feeding it, driving with it, jumping on the space shuttle . . . whatever moves  you.  Let your creativity flow and send us a picture.  All pictures will be posted here on Grooves and Ripples, The Ripple Effect, and later on the official Ripple site, www.ripple-music.com.

For our first photo, we can see the devastating effect the Ripple patch had on a simple rehearsal for the band Mighty High.  There's the patch, right there, branded to the amplifier. Last we heard, no one was brave enough to start mouth-to-mouth.

 So be ready, beware.  When the Ripple patch arrives, don't give into the fear.  Enjoy and embrace your selection into the fraternal order of Ripple.

Long may the patch wave!!@!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sneak Peak at the New Fen Video!

Secret news leaked from the Canadian Northwest. Fen is in the finishing stage of their first major music video. A dark epic filmed with puppets for the amazing song, "Miracle." Sneak peak below. Send us your thoughts!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


With the release of their new studio album Refuge (Ripple Music) just weeks away, blues/soul/rock trio Modern Day Moonshine announce the launch of their free fan interactive  "MDM Bootleggers” Club

Spread across the bands' newly redesigned website and social media, the project allows "MDM Bootleggers" to access a new song every Tuesday. With a catalogue of songs reaching well into the hundreds,  the streaming mp3's will range from demos and live performances to previously unreleased studio tracks, and will feature exclusive photos and updates from the band.  Fans will be polled each month to choose their favorite tracks, with the winners being compiled into a special edition “Bootlegger Album”  that will be available as a download only.

Offered free to all MDM fans, the only “cost” to join is their word of mouth.  Operated much like the charity candy display at a gas station cash register, MDM is using the honor system of holding fans accountable to helping spread the word.  In return for their efforts, MDM Bootleggers will have access to all new material as well as contests, giveaways and free tickets to upcoming shows. 

Commented drummer David Burrows "These tunes need to be heard, and we want the fans to determine a unique album.  This is the quickest way to get them out.  We're really looking forward to hooking up our fans for helping spread the Modern Day Moonshine name."
Modern Day Moonshine's
Refuge will see a November 23rd release through Ripple Music.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot on the Heels of Their Critically-praised Ripple Music Debut, Grand Atlantic Light Up the Soundtrack of Gossip Girl

Following hot on the heels of the success of their Ripple Music debut split 7" single, Grand Atlantic keep the pedal to the metal, building momentum and converting the uninitiated to the Grand Atlantic ranks.

Taken from Grand Atlantic's massively praised second album "How We Survive," the hot single "Used to Be the Sensitive Type" was remixed and remastered for inclusion on the Ripple Music split single which also featured the KEXP Top 20 hit by Sky Parade, "I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down."  Since then, things have only gotten busier for the Australian band.

Locked in the studio working on songs for their 2011 third album hasn't kept Grand Atlantic from touring Japan and readying another US tour in 2011.  With dates already set from coast to coast, including a four-day stay at SXSW, fans will have plenty of opportunity to catch Grand Atlantic's heady, trance-inducing psychedelic pop single.  And the US audience is definitely catching the Grand Atlantic wave. The first episode of season 4 of the hit TV show, Gossip Girl featured Grand Atlantic's Until it's Gone," bringing in tons of new fans.  The video for "Until It's Gone," featuring footage from the recent Japanese Tour garnered thousands of hits after the band's Gossip Girl debut.

Check out the video and hear the song that captured the hearts of Gossip Girl fans everywhere.

Pressed in extremely limited quanties, the Ripple Music s 7" split single (pressed on glowing orange vinyl) is still available through www.ripple-music.com and can be found everywhere on Grand Atlantic's tour. 

For Fans of: Oasis, Dolly Rocker Movement, Stone Roses, Big Star, Baby Woodrose, Dandy Warhols

“Gives Oasis a run for their money.” (Courier Mail, AUS)

"Grand Atlantic molds the psychedelic post-punk ethereal moods of their countrymen, The Church, with the shoegazing swirling madbeat of The Stone Roses, and toss in a touch of garage crunch a la Ripple favorites The Thieves just for kicks. The results of this combination of psychedelic distillery are intoxicating…”(The Ripple Effect, USA)

“…This is the excellent album Oasis should have done after What’s the Story Morning Glory but didn’t…”(Lucid Culture, USA)

“Grand Atlantic sure know how to write songs choc full of guitar driven rock/pop dynamics…” (thedwarf.com.au. AUS)

"Grand Atlantic has a sound masterfully blending driving modern rock riffs with smart pop hooks and spot on harmonies…”(Bill’s Music Forum, USA)

“Grand Atlantic’s second full-length album is chock-full of pop rock, with big sounds, singalong hooks and catchy melodies… How We Survive is a masterfully crafted record.” (Time Off Magazine, AUS)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jam Band Extraordinaire, Modern Day Moonshine’s New Album Slated For November Release

After signing on with Ripple Music in the waning weeks of 2009, the Bay Area’s Modern Day Moonshine found themselves in the scenic, serene, and solitary environs of Tres Llamas Studios, a converted ranch overlooking the Towalame River in Northern California. With no one to disturb except for the indigenous wildlife and the three llamas that roam the studio grounds, the band spent late days and even later nights laying down the basic tracks to the dozen or so songs that would eventually make up Refuge, the bands third full-length album.

Scheduled to hit the streets on November 23rd, 2010, Refuge is an album of soulful blues-based rock that features grand elements of jazz, funk, and roots-Americana. This musical diversity has made Modern Day Moonshine practically impossible to accurately categorize, and will undoubtedly leave listeners emotionally charged and excited to explore the multiple layers of the recorded sounds.

Armed with a catalog of well over a hundred songs and the experience of performing more than five hundred shows (including a two and a half years as the house band for the House of Blues in San Diego), Modern Day Moonshine are prepared for a lengthy stint on the road where no two shows will ever sound the same.

Refuge is available for pre-order at the Ripple Music Store or for digital download at Digstation/ModernDayMoonshine

"come on in and pour yourself a cup of alright"