Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ripple Music Unleashes New Wo Fat onto the World April 1st! Free Desert Suns Single and more!!

Easily the most anticipated Ripple Music release of the year, we’re thrilled to announce that we will be running a special pre-sale of all three editions of “Midnight Cometh” beginning at 8 am PST, Friday April 1st.  Midnight Splatter Edition (limited to 100), Swamp Green Cometh (limited to 150) and Blackest Night (world-wide edition). All editions come with fully illustrated gatefold, cover and back by David Paul Seymour.    If you know Wo Fat, you know the thick riffs and swamp boogie that await you.  If you don’t know Wo Fat, man, have you got a treat
While checking out Wo Fat, don’t miss out on your chance to pick up the second installment of the Second Coming of Heavy series.  Chapter One completely sold out, Chapter Two will as well, but there are still scant copies of all three editions available in the shop, so you can pick it up before Chapter 3 lands this June.