Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TRUCKER DIABLO Build on Epic Year by Winning Slot to Support Foo Fighters at Tennents Vital!

What a year it's been for the rising hard-rock band from Northern Ireland, Trucker Diablo!

Hot on the heels of their ground-breaking performance at this years, Hammerfest, making their debut on the hit game ROCK BAND™ for X-box, unleashing a new video for the rocker, "Voodoo" starring the comedic talents of I AM Fighter, and having their hit raucous single "Drink Beer, Destroy" used as the official song for Relentless/Kerrang, Trucker Diablo has just been tapped to play the upcoming Tennents Vital, in support of the Foo Fighters and Black Keys.

Taking the stage Tuesday, August 21st, the Big Truck will rip through their hard rocking debut, The Devil Rhythm, in support of the Foo Fighters and the Black Keys. After an exhaustive competition, Trucker Diablo was one of only two local bands asked to share the stage with the international headliners. All reports are that they boys blew the judges away with their high-octane performances of "Drink Beer, Destroy" and "Voodoo."

But you don't have to wait until August to see this barn-busting band at a festival. Coming July 21st and 22nd, the Big Truck will also take the stage at the S.O.S. Festival in Radcliffe, Manchester, exposing their blistering hard rock to fans of such bands as the legendary Tygers of Pan Tang and Beholder.

Trucker Diablo has been riding an intense wave of popularity since signing to Ripple Music, the California-based hard rock label late last year. The Devil Rhythm has earned widespread accolades, and lead-off single "Drink Beer, Destory" has been getting steady play on BBC Radio 1, Kerrang Radio, and Kerrang TV. The Devil Rhythm has been converting rock fans world-wide, with its cohesive, high energy tracks.
The Devil Rhythm is now available at the Ripple Music Store and world-wide through Clearspot International in Europe, Code 7 Distribution in the UK, and Nail Distribution in North America. And be sure to check out the hilarious, viral hit video for "Voodoo"

Tom Harte - Guitar, Vocals
Simon Haddock - Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Harrison - Bass
Terry Crawford - Drums

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MIGHTY HIGH to Premiere Brand New Album on Blog Tour Release Party

It ain’t politically correct and it ain’t safe, but since when was rock and roll about being correct or safe?

If snotty rebellion, played gloriously loud, with a big nod towards the 70’s legends of Motorhead, Grand Funk and AC/DC is your thing, then Mighty High may have just released your album of the year.  Their ode to the epic virtue of cheap weed . . . Legalize Tre Bags.

Already the critics are raving about this blast of irreverent rock from Brooklyn’s finest regressive rock band.  Ringmaster hailed Legalize Tre Bags as “a raucous feast of punk, weed, and middle finger attitude, most of all it is a deeply satisfying slab of rousing rock n roll.”  The New York Music Daily swears that “if you like New York-centric weed jokes, you will love this album” and Jersey Beat raves that Legalize Tre Bags is “a gloriously loud blast of trashy’n’thrashy bluesy rock’n’roll .”

Now it’s time for you to find out what all the fuss is about.

Hot on the heels of Ripple Music’s international release of Legalize Tre Bags, Mighty High and Ripple Music offer you the opportunity to hear the whole album, and visit some great rock music sites to boot.  Ripple Music has teamed with the finest leaders in heavy music journalism, The Soda Shop, Heavy Planet, Cosmic Lava, Grip of Delusion Radio, and The Ripple Effect, to bring you Ripple Music’s first ever Blog Tour Album Release Party.

Starting over at the Soda Shop on Tuesday, June 26th, you’ll be able to preview the first three songs on the forthcoming Legalize Tre Bags.  Wednesday, the party moves over to Heavy Planet where three more songs will be debuted.  Thursday, the gig is at Cosmic Lava for three more songs before the whole things winds up Friday at The Ripple Effect with the epic finale.  Throughout the week, tune into Grip of Delusion Radio where Mighty High will be in frequent rotation.  A smorgasbord of Mighty High madness.

Don’t miss the album that Heavy Metal Time Machine says stirs “together some classic rock riffs, punk rock energy and stoner rock madness to serve up some of the catchiest rock to come down the pike in some time.”

Blog Tour Schedule:

Tuesday June 26th: Soda Shop (
Wednesday June 27th: Heavy Planet (
Thursday June 28th: Cosmic Lava (
Friday June 29th:  The Ripple Effect (
All week, Grip of Delusion Radio (

And catch Mighty High performing Legalize Tre Bags live & nasty:

Saturday June 30 at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TRUCKER DIABLO, rolls into Tennents Vital!!!!

Here’s the latest news on Trucker Diablo, straight from the Big Truck’s mouth
“We are ecstatic to announce that we have been chosen to play Tennents Vital this year and will be supporting the Foo Fighters.   We would like to thanks our partners and families for all their support and they have been by our side at every twist and turn as it’s been an emotional rollercoaster…. have we got it, haven’t we got it….arrrgghhh.

Sometimes is hard to balance trucker life and family life but we have a fire inside that makes us wanna go all the way and make Trucker a way of life and our families are a part of that too.  From the heart we are so proud of the band and you our supporters.  Time and time again you give us 100% support and are by our side and we are forever in your debt.  We hope if you are going to the festival you can come down and see us, as we would like to dedicate our performance to you and we believe you played a big part in helping us get here.

This is a great day for Trucker and not just Trucker, but Northern Irish rock.  We crossed a boundary in the northern irish scene that isn’t easy to cross and hopefully this brings more focus on the great talent we have in the rock scene.