Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grifter's Critically-Hailed Self-Titled Album Out Now!

Captain Zen Beyond has called them "the best classic rock band around" and the album "brilliant without any weak points." The Obelisk says they "sound like fans of 70's rock creating their own riffs and grooves to universal appeal." Classic Rock Magazine has seen their brand of irreverent rock to be fitting enough for one of their cover-mounted compilation CD's. Grifter has taken the world by storm with their new self-titled album of gritty, blues-based biker rock and you need to know what the fuss is all about! Available now through the Ripple Music Store and available world-wide on October 3rd through Clearspot International in Europe and Code 7 Distribution in the UK, Grifter is the album that will fuel every high-octane weekend party and chase away the doldrums of everyday life!

This eleven track album is the band's first full-length effort with indie rock label Ripple Music, however, Grifter’s unique one-foot-in-the-gutter, sleaze rock sound first appeared on the Ripple roster with their dual contribution to the Heavy Ripples, Vol. 1 compilation released earlier this year. To fill out 2011, Grifter will be performing numerous shows throughout England, as well as preparing for a tour of UK and parts of Europe for 2012.

Confirmed live dates:

Sept 29th - The Rosr, Hounslow, London with Desert Storm, XII Boar and Strung Heavy
Sept 30th - The Purple Turtle, Camden, London with My Sleeping Karma and Steak. (London album launch)
October 7th - The Junction Underground, Plymouth with Stump Grinder and Guns Under The Table. (home town album launch)
December 2nd - The Unicorn, Camden, London with Doctor Cyclops, Stubb and one more TBA

For further information, please contact:

John Rancik
Ripple Music


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Iron Claw's Brand New Album is out Now!


Scotland’s Proto-Metal pioneers, Iron Claw, return with a long-awaited album of gritty, blues-based melodic heavy rock that is already garnering album of the year accolades from the press. The thirteen track album, A Different Game, is scheduled for UK release through Code 7 Distribution on October 3rd and world-wide release on October 4th, and is already available at the label’s web store.

To kick off the bands rampant live attack, they’ve volunteered their services to a charitable cause. On September 25th at 7:00pm, Iron Claw will perform at Comlongon Rocks, which will assist Cash For Kids and Cancer Research UK. This festival, which features and highlights local talent, will run from noon to midnight and will include 22 bands and 6 DJs . . . all for a mere £10! For more information, please follow the link: (

Iron Claw will also be performing at the Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow, Scotland on October 5th, and will act as more than just a CD release event. The performance is sponsored by Governor Derek McGill to help show the prisoners that there are healthier alternatives to crime, such as playing and creating emotionally stimulating music.

A Different Game has been receiving airplay all over the globe, specifically the lead single, “What Love Left”. Huge supporters have come from the likes of Classic Rock, Get Ready To Rock! Radio, Planet Rock, SuperestacionMetal, and SineFM to name but a few, and Iron Claw are now one of the featured bands on the Screaming Singles, Vol. 1 compilation disc released through Nasty Casty Records.

Here’s what the press has to say:

"They have taken all their musical experience and rolled it up into an album which simply rocks. If you dig the roots of heavy metal, 70's hard rock and Southern Rock, you will indeed enjoy listening to these experienced masters of Rock N Roll." -- ThrashHead

“This is pure muscle at work and Iron Claw still has plenty of the natural juice in them to make this reunion endeavor soar . . . thankfully Iron Claw has given themselves the opportunity to say a thundering hello to the rock world, if not hijack it.”  --  Ray Van Horn, Jr., The Metal Minute

 "This is a solid, dynamic, vintage rock ‘n roll record, 13 tracks spanning 57 minutes yet hardly a dull moment to be found. A Different Game is more of the same—high quality heavy rock unearthed from the underground" --

Monday, September 19, 2011

JPT Scare Band Continues Their Mad Ascent with First Live Gig in over 35 Years

35 years melted away as if time had never existed.  Terry Swope pick up the axe, Paul Grigsby plugged in the bass, Jeff Littrell took the drum stool and the mythical beast that is JPT Scare Band breathed anew.  35 years ago, JPT stunned unsuspecting minds with their terrorizing jamming and distinctly heavy blues, tearing a swath across the countries mid-section with one performance after another.  Legendary tales leaked from the underground of a guitarist worthy of sharing a stage with Hendrix, a bass player who could stand in for Led Zeppelin, a drummer who could replace Charlie Watts.  But for the last 35 years, these stories and the legends, the myths, of JPT Scare Band live performance were all that existed.

But no more.

2011.  The same year that  Classic Rock Magazine featured JPT Scare Band on their cover-mounted CD, Rhapsody declared JPT Scare Band one of the "10 Essential Proto-Metal bands", and their debut Ripple Music release, Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden soared up the charts, JPT Scare Band took to the stage.  And the legend was reborn!

Blasting out their terrifying acid blues at Crosstown Station with Granmax and the New Lost Souls, July 22nd in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, JPT Scare Band proved that they've lost none of their psychedelic madness over the years.
But if you missed it, don't worry, it's all been recorded for posterity's sake.

Pop over to YouTube and you feast on the video documentation of the event that's sure to go down in Kansas City rock lore.    Start off by ingesting your mind with "Rat Poison for the Soul" (Rat Poison Live) and then pop over to the Ripple Music YouTube Channel and find the rest of the videos in the Channel's Favorites. (Grooves and Ripples).

And prepare yourself for an acid blues explosion!
Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden is available in limited quantities from Ripple Music in two-toned, gatefold, double-LP with two bonus tracks, Deluxe digipack CD, or digital at and all fine music sites like iTunes, Digstation, Amazon, CD Baby, and eBay.
Click here for the full CD rankings:  CDBaby

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Modern Day Moonshine Plow Their Allman Brothers-tinged Classic Rock Sound with Their New Single, "Fitting the Mold"

Classic rock.  Music to the ears of rock lovers everywhere.  With it's variety of styles and influences, there was a classic rock sound for every taste.  Now Ripple Music is bringing back that feeling of the heyday of 1970's Classic Rock Radio with it's ever-expanding roster of authentic, rock and roll bands.  And the latest band to forge head-first into this territory is San Francisco's Modern Day Moonshine with their Allman Brother's-tinged new single, "Fitting the Mold".

Back in the day, fans explored every facet of rock without need for clear distinctions and boundaries.  If you loved Led Zeppelin, you probably loved Lynard Skynard.  If you were a fan of Thin Lizzy's guitar attack,  there also was a Molly Hatchet.  And if you loved the blues-based rock of Free you could also lose yourself in the blues jamming of the Allman BrothersModern Day Moonshine fills that space in the Ripple roster, plowing their bluesy, southern guitar-fried sound amongst the heavier tones of other Ripple bands-- and success is staring the boys right in the face.

Modern Day Moonshine's latest full-length record, Refuge, made an immediate impact on  radio charts, finding itself nestled among the likes of genre stalwarts The Black Crowes, Ray LaMontagne, and Robert Plant. Now Modern Day Moonshine looks to build on that success with the release of their latest digital single.  With it's spirited, fiery guitar, "Fitting the Mold" will harken back to those glorious days of 1970's Classic Rock, resurrect thoughts of classic Allman Brothers, and be sure to satisfy listeners who crave the variety that classic radio had in it's peak.

Released through Ripple Music, "Fitting the Mold" can be found on iTunes, CDBaby, and Ripple's own Bandcamp page.

Check it out and see what all the fuss is about.