Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grifter Preparing To Pummel the World With 1st Full Length Album, Releases Debut Exclusive Track on the Obelisk

So far the reviews have been unanimous.  The Soda Shop has proclaimed that Grifter "comes at you swinging like a heavyweight champion full of jabs and riff-a-licious uppercuts."  Dangerdog promises that "Grifter delivers the goods: heavy, groove-laden rock," and Planet Fuzz simply announces that Grifter's self-titled debut "fires on all cylinders, full of hooky boogie rock.  Sounding dirty and raucous, the perfect soundtrack to a night of debauchery."

Now's your chance to hear what all the fuss is about as Ripple Music has teamed up The Obelisk, one of the world's leading sites for oil-stained, heavy rock and roll, to host a sneak peak of the new Grifter single "Unwelcome Guest". That's right!  Pop on over to The Obelisk right now, and get your taste of the full-throttle rawk and roll of Grifter's debut full-length and see why Metal Minute warns that "their booming cadence carries the subliminal wafts of diesel, garbage, used condoms and spilled booze."

Then prepare for the world-wide release of the Grifter self-titled CD on Tuesday, October 4th. Originally formed in 2003, Grifter has spent the better part of the last decade spreading their blues-based, riff heavy rock n’ roll message across the UK via live shows and a ton of physical and digital EP’s. Following their nitro-fueled contributions to the Ripple Music released Heavy Ripples Vol.1 double-7" rock bonanza, Grifter is ready to unleash their Harley revvin’ good time on a world-wide level!

And prepare yourself to catch the energy live, as Grifter rounds out the year performing throughout the south of England, and preparing for a tour of UK and parts of Europe.  Maybe we'll even be so lucky as to find the boys hitting the states soon!

Available world-wide October 4th, but you can buy the album now at Ripple Music through the Ripple Music Store.

"Unwelcome Guest" available as digital single at CDBaby.com

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Iron Claw Return After More Than 35 Years With A Brand New Album and Live Shows

Scotland’s Proto-Metal pioneers, Iron Claw, return with a long-awaited album of gritty, blues-based melodic heavy rock that is already garnering album-of-the-year accolades from the press. The thirteen-track album, A Different Game, is scheduled for UK release on October 3rd and world-wide release on October 4th, just in time for the band's CD release event to be held at the Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow, Scotland on October 5th.

“The release of this album marks the realization of a lifelong dream for each of us in the band,” says guitarist Jimmy Ronnie. “To be honest, it's something that I had thought had passed me by. But it's not just any album. It's the record that Iron Claw always needed to make - hard, heavy, guitar-based rock with its roots in the blues. I'm delighted to say that we've succeeded in capturing the live spirit of the band on this record.”

The Barlinnie Prison gig is more than just a CD release event. The performance is sponsored by Governor Derek McGill to help show the prisoners that there are healthier alternatives to crime, such as playing and creating emotionally stimulating music.

“I am confident the prisoners in Barlinnie will love this Gig,” McGill states, “This is not about entertainment for prisoners; it is to let them see alternative recreational pursuits that can lead them away from crime, introduce them to hobbies such as music that can give them a fresh start.”

The benevolent beings of Iron Claw have also announced that they will be headlining a charity event on September 25th at Comlongon Rocks, which will assist Cash For Kids and Cancer Research. Twenty-two bands and six DJs, and all for a mere £10! For more information, please follow the link: (http://www.comlongonrocks.com/)

Here’s what the press has to say:

“This is pure muscle at work and Iron Claw still has plenty of the natural juice in them to make this reunion endeavor soar . . . Thankfully Iron Claw has given themselves the opportunity to say a thundering hello to the rock world, if not hijack it.”  --  Ray Van Horn, Jr., The Metal Minute

“Iron Claw is heavy rock with a serious dose of blues. But their tunes are melodic as well, making them friendly. Yet, there's still a certain aggressiveness inherent in every song. The sound is stripped, mostly record live with little dubbing, and that's a healthy thing . . . emphasizing integrity and clarity over polish. Isn't that the heart of rock?”  --  Craig Hartranft, Dangerdog.com

“A Different Game is a must have for all of you lovers of classic rock and heavy metal. Hell, it’s a must have for anybody with a pulse and appreciation of great rock. Be forewarned, though, this isn’t a teaser of an album. The album delivers thirteen tracks for nearly a full hour of rock.”  --  The Soda Shop