Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ripple Music Announces a Killer New Split 7" with Stone Axe and Mighty High

We couldn't be more excited about this.  In fact, we're so thrilled, we're giddy.  Like kids in a candyshop.

Ripple Music is proud to announce that last week we sent in the art and fully-mastered tracks for a killer new 7" split vinyl single featuring the masters of retro-70's rock, Stone Axe and stoner cretins Mighty High.  The single should be ready for your consumption mid-June.

Featuring some mindboggling, Mighty High-inspired artwork, this 7" is sure to leave em stunned.  Stone Axe contributes a monster rock burner, "Metal Damage," featuring Tony Reed's blistering guitar attack and staggering vocals from Dru  Brinkerhoff.  Mirroring 1978-1980-era Judas Priest, this song is everything that Classic Rock Magazine has been raving about when they declared Stone Axe to ". . . conjure a guttural, soulful hard-rock cauldron. "

Mighty High contributes "Don't Panic It's Organic" with a blistering high energy feel that sounds like Rose Tattoo in bed with MC5.  Quite possibly the best thing to come from Mighty High yet.

The split will be extremely rare, limited to 500.  Stone Axe will have some for their West Coast Tour this summer and Mighty High will be displaying some at their gigs as well.  The rest can only be bought here, at Ripple Music.  Don't miss out.

Go to for more details.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Summer of Ripple

Hello friends!

Welcome to May and Spring is in full swing, flowers are bloomin' like crazy and the happy little elves at Ripple Music are preparing for a summer full of releases! 

We'll be seeing our first official release hitting the streets on June 22nd, 2010 in the form of JPT Scare Band's Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden. The heavily fuzzed out blues-based rock outfit has worked hand in hand with Ripple Music in the song selection and the album art to fully encapsulate the bands (in)glorious history as the unsung heroes of proto-metal. Coming on the heals of the widely acclaimed self-released album Rumdum Daddy, Acid Blues will be available in deluxe CD digipak, digital download, and multi-colored double 12" vinyl formats. The vinyl edition will also include two bonus tracks for your listening pleasure! Follow the link to hear more from this painfully obscure classic rock outfit!

Vancouver's beloved alienists on the path of self discovery, Fen, are preparing for the release of their fourth album, Trails Out of Gloom. The epic album of brooding and hauntingly beautiful songs will hit the streets on July 13th with the band working the road in support of the disc. Initially, Trails will be available in deluxe CD digipak and digital download formats, but plans are underway for a follow up 12" vinyl release. To hear some advanced tracks, please follow this link . . .

Bay Area singer/songwriter, Kevin Beadles, also has an album available for the masses of happy and hungry music listeners. You Can't Argue With Water will officially hit the streets through Ripple Music on July 13th, 2010, featuring well crafted songs that are highlighted by thought provoking lyrics. The album will be available in CD digipak and digital download formats. For some samples of Kevin's work, follow the link . . .

Ripple Music is also proud to announce the release of the 1972 lost classic, Let Me In, from Poobah. Featuring the guitar wizardry of Jim Gustafson, Poobah has milled about in the same circles as classic rock icons Hawkwind, Blue Cheer, and Iron Butterfly. This deluxe re-issue will be available in jewel case CD, digital download, and multi-colored double 12" vinyl formats . . . and all will include bonus tracks from "lost tapes" of the Let Me In recording sessions. Look for the album this summer, and in the meantime, feel free to listen to some of the music that you have missed over the years . . .

Finally, Modern Day Moonshine has submitted the cover art and the album title for their long-awaited follow up to their self-titled EP from last year. Refuge follows the same big sky, open land path that this trio has walked for the past five years . . . but with a fresh burst of energy and a focused approach. Refuge will initially be available in CD digipak and digital download formats, but we're not ruling out a vinyl edition in the near future. 

Ripple Music has also come to agreements with the Santa Barbara modern rock outfit, Tripdavon, to re-release their latest album, Sketches From Silence, in a deluxe format filled with unreleased tracks and bonus material. And, as of this writing, the label has also come to a verbal handshake with classic proto-metallers, Iron Claw, from the UK to release their first collection of studio material since their classic self-titled 70's release. 

2010 promises to be an exciting year with a ton of great music, so tune in frequently, or simply sign up to our mailing list and get the 411 before anyone else! 

That's all for now . . . and remember, if you're not listening to it loud, you're not listening to it right!

Ripple Music