Wednesday, August 29, 2012

C.F.A. Signs Distro Deal with Ripple Music, Debut Album Set for October Release

Welcome to the world of Stoner-core!

It's blistering in intensity. Riff-mad in execution. Blissed out in stoner madness and amped up in hardcore fury. Stoner-core is a brutal assault of stoner retro-rock mastery with the attitude of pure punk. And C.F.A. are on the front line of this mutated beast of rock fury.
Now, Tacoma, WA-based hard rockers, C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) and Ripple Music are going to unleash the power of Stoner-core onto the masses. Ripple Music is proud to announce world-wide distribution of C.F.A's first full-length album, Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God. The sixteen track album of blitzing Stoner/punk anthems will be in stores on October 23rd, 2012.

And keeping with their middle-finger-to-the-status-quo ethos, check out the band's “backward is forward” CD cover design, where the band take something as standard as CD packaging and blow it up to serve their own mad principles.
“Rock n’ Roll is supposed to be carefree, tumultuous, and above all . . . fun!” states the bands namesake Cody Foster on the unique disc packaging of the album, “Yeah, it’s not normal, but we’re not normal. Why take something as fun as music and make it so serious?”
Managed By the Devil . . . was engineered and produced by, none other than, Tony Reed (Stone Axe/Mos Generator), who captured the bands raw live intensity to near perfection and delivers a blitzkrieg of punk-infused stoner rock to a salivating audience.
In conjunction with the release of the album, C.F.A. will be hammering away at a string of live shows throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Catch ‘em on the road with Mos Generator:

Sept. 15th - ACME - Tacoma, WA
Sept. 21st - Coo Coo Nest - Port Angeles, WA
Oct. 6th - The Break Room - Bremerton, WA

Photos by Gary Lappier (

Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God will be available through Nail Distribution (North America), Code 7 (UK), Clearspot International (Europe), and through the Ripple Music Store

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GRIFTER Gear Up for Extended Studio Time to Record Follow-up to Their Critically-Praised Ripple Music Debut

They stormed the stage at Deserfest. They laid wasted to the the ears and minds of the U.K. on tour with Orange Goblin. They created a crater sized hole where the stage used to be at Freak Valley. They were called to lend their brand of hard-rawking, Harley blooze n' roll to the American television show, Dog, The Bounty Hunter.

Now the story continues.

Following up on a year that found Grifter releasing one of the best albums of 2011 (according to notable rock resources The Soda Shop. The Obelisk. The Ripple Effect. Heavy Planet. Chybucca Sounds, Steaming Heathen, and Sonic Abuse), U.K.'s own oil-and-chain sweat rockers are aiming to take their hard-hitting sound higher and farther than ever before.

In between times sharing the stage with Orange Goblin, Roadsaw, Black Pyramid, Leafhound, Truckfighters, Valiant Thorr, Gentlemans Pistols, Colour Haze, Stubb, and XII Boar (and having a song appear on a recent Stargun British Rock Compilation CD) Grifter have been making time in the studio writing and recording the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their chart-busting debut.

As main Grifter, Ollie tells it, "Writing for the album has resumed in a big way. In the space of one practice we have written a new song that has totally blown my balls off called Fire Water. It's pretty epic, I think it could be a centrepiece of the new album. We also started jamming ideas for another new tune that should come together very quickly called Big Man Blues which is utterly filthy, you'll need to take a shower afterwards!!! It's heavy as hell but all done on slide with a gnarly blues vibe and a stomping beat that could raise John Bonham from the grave."

That means Grifter will be delievering just what their legions of growing fans are yelling for: more gritty, dirty, and bloozy, hard-driving, riff-mad rock n' roll!

While the anticipation builds, don't forget to check out Grifter's one-foot-in-the-gutter debut for hard-rock specialty label, Ripple Music. And don't forget that Grifter’s riff rock first appeared on the Ripple roster on the Heavy Ripples, Vol. 1 compilation with the band contributing two barnstorming, high-octane rock classics!

Read the praise for Grifter’s self-titled debut and check out the “Best of” lists for yourself.

The album and Heavy Ripples Compilation double 7" are both available now at the Ripple Music Store, Amazon, CD Baby, eBay, and world-wide through Clearspot International in Europe, Code 7 Distribution in the UK, and North America through Ripple’s exclusive partnership with Nail Distribution.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The World Gets Lifted by MIGHTY HIGH: New Ripple Music Release Tearing Up the Music Sites, Inspires New Deluxe Mighty High Package

Cosmic Lava proclaims that the latest Mighty High slice of primal rock mayhem is "angry, funny and a powerful jolt of rebellious energy." Downtuned Mag boasts that Legalize Tres Bags is "is an addictive, vulgar, raw, aggressive, filthy son of a bitch. A thirty-minute bad-ass, pure garage-punk 'n' roll fun ride." And Ringmaster spits out "Legalize Tre Bags is a raucous feast of punk, weed, and middle finger attitude-- most of all it's a deeply satisfying slab of rousing rock n roll."

It ain’t politically correct and it ain’t safe. And it appears to be exactly what the world needs right now.

Hot on the heels of Ripple Music’s wildly successful "Blog Tour Release Party" which saw Legalize Tre Bags making it's debut over a series of song premieres on The Soda Shop, Heavy Planet, Cosmic Lava, Grip of Delusion Radio, and The Ripple Effect, the accolades for Brooklyn's Mighty High have been roaring in.

Perhaps it's because people are fed up with corporate greed raping the world, fed up with politics as usual, or merely exhausted by the cookie-cutter, overly-produced crap that passes for popular music these days. Or perhaps the world just wants to have fun and rock the fuck out! Whatever the reason, Mighty High seems to have scratched a gigantic international itch for balls-out, irreverent rock music.

To celebrate, Ripple Music is making available in its online store, a special Mighty High package, to help fans get up to speed with the Mighty High story. The package includes every Mighty High release to date: Legalize Tres Bags black vinyl, the "Drops a Deuce" 7" vinyl, the Mighty High/Stone Axe split 7", the double 7" set, Heavy Ripples, featuring the Mighty High tune, "Hempaphobic" and Mighty High's first album In Drug City on CD. All of these are blessed with that wild, Crumb-inspired Braino artwork that Mighty High has become famous for. That's every Mighty High release on vinyl, and the incredibly rare debut CD, all for one low price! Check out the Ripple store for the Mighty High Deluxe set.

Mighty High Deluxe Set

Catch 'em live with more dates to come:

Saturday August 11 - Fort Washington, PA with The Bullys and Loafass
Tuesday September 11 - Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn, NY with The Amputators

So, if snotty rebellion, played gloriously loud, with a big nod towards the 70's legends of Motorhead, Grand Funk, and AC/DC is your thing, Mighty High may have just released your album of the year. Or as Cosmic Lava succinctly puts it, "Fuck yeah, MIGHTY HIGH!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TRUCKER DIABLO Build on Epic Year as One of the Breakout Artists of 2012; Opening for Foo Fighters and Storming the Stage at Hard Rock Hell Before Recording New Album

What a year it's been for the fast-rising hard rock band from Northern Ireland, Trucker Diablo. And it just keeps on getting bigger!

Trucker Diablo has been riding an intense wave of popularity since signing to Ripple Music, the California-based hard rock label late last year. Their Ripple debut album, The Devil Rhythm, garnered widespread accolades around the world, and lead-off single "Drink Beer, Destory" earned steady play on BBC Radio 1, Kerrang Radio, and Kerrang TV. The Devil Rhythm has converted rock fans world-wide, with its high energy tracks and earned Trucker the tag as one of the biggest breakout bands of 2012.

But the good news doesn't stop there. With a growing reputation as a killer live band, and having blown away the crowds opening for Tygers of Pan Tang at the S.O.S Festival, Trucker Diablo has been tapped to open the upcoming Tennants Vital in support of the Foo Fighters and Black Keys.

After an exhaustive competition, Trucker Diablo was one of only two local bands asked to share the stage with the international headliners. All reports are that they boys blew the judges away with their high-octane performances of "Drink Beer, Destroy" and "Voodoo." Watch for the Big Truck to take the stage, Tuesday August 21st, where they will be roadtesting new material from the upcoming, tentatively titled second album, Songs of Iron. Already, crowds at the SOS Festival, Billing Bike Fest and Trucker's 2 headline shows in Birmingham and Oxfordshire were treated to a debut of new tracks including "Drive"," The Rebel", "Maybe You're The One" and" When's It Gonna Rain?" and the reaction to the new material has been amazing!

Trucker will be celebrating the Tennants Vital gig by doing an acoustic session on BBC Radio the night before Vital, sitting in as the house band on the Across The Line show. Then expect more of those songs to be busted out live when Trucker Diablo takes a break from recording Songs of Iron to storm the stage at Hard Rock Hell, Sunday December 3rd, sharing the spotlight with Buckcherry, Stray, Soil, and Pig Iron amongst others.

Don't miss your chance to catch the Big Truck as it rolls through your town.
The Devil Rhythm is now available at the Ripple Music Store and world-wide through Clearspot International in Europe, Code 7 Distribution in the UK, and Nail Distribution in North America. And be sure to check out the hilarious, viral hit video for "Voodoo."

Tom Harte - Guitar, Vocals
Simon Haddock - Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Harrison - Bass
Terry Crawford - Drums